I have a onboard sis 530 graphics card..

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and im getting a new asylum 64mb. few weeks ago I have borrowed a graphics card from a friend, from a newer compaq. This graphics card had a hook on the back of it, and didnt fit in my white pci slots. They were 2 black slots which I have no idea which they were but it didnt fit. Im wishing this new asylum card will work. Im just thinking will this graphics card fit in my compaw pressioro 5441. The older style kind, its a amd processor, and also has a onboard sound card ESS solo, stuff like thats, its all bunched togeather. but my question is will the new asylum fit into my white pci slots with that damn hook on the back of the chips.


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The video card you're talking about requires an AGP slot. Its a brown slot. Your computer doesnt have an AGP slot. It only has PCI and ISA slots. You will need to get a PCI graphics card.


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If i`m reading you correctly it look as though you`ve got an AGP card that requires an AGP slot to put it in.

It won`t fit in a PCI slot.

Your compaq presario 5441 does not have an AGP slot therefore an AGP card will not fit or work.

You would need a PCI graphics card

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