I have a problem with Download Manager, I can't finish this download..help?

By torrenter
May 20, 2006
  1. Help please, guys. I've been trying to download thr tryout of Adobe After Effects v7.0 twice today from their website and it always fails to finish. I got to 68% so far but again no bytes seem to be coming in. IE Download Manager says it's downloading quite fast at 218kB/s, but alas it's stuck at 839MB of 1.18GB copied. It's been like this now for about 10mins. Does anyone know what could be the problem? My connection? - everything else works, I doubt Adobe's website is having problems... Could it be my antivirus/firewall - please I don't want people eager to slam McAfee ok? I know it has faults but the download was working up until 68%. Constructive help please, if you can?

    Also, does anyone know of a way, where you can resume failed downloads, or is it impossible? It would be great if I could stop the download, have the 68% and resume it later. Maybe I'm wishing:(
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    download managers can resume if the website permits resuming
    have you added new drivers to modem or nic
    and or reinstall drivers for modem
    check with your provider maybe they changed a transfer method /connection method
    We just had a change with comcast I was notified ,but my friend was not
    some sites don't allow more than 1 connection for downloads most default to 4 connections
    try a differant browser or manager ,I don't use IE that much cept for swf donwloads
  3. torrenter

    torrenter TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 166

    Thanks Samstoned, I don't think Adobe permits resuming, I haven't added or changed any drivers, I was only downloading one file at the time and am not aware of any changes with my provider, I have had this problem in the past, where data transfer speed seems to be quite high, but the bytes aren't coming in.. so I don't know if it was anything else, it must be a temporary connection problem. Can you think of anything else?
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