I have three questions concerning networking and dial-up internet sharing

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Jan 27, 2005
  1. Hi ! first question : i have 2 windows xp PCs ( A and B) set up in a lan with a linksys wired router. "A" PC can see and access files from "B" PC but "B" PC can only see files from "A" PC. When i try to access files from "A" PC it tells me i need administrator privileges... (dont recall puting some password or such.)

    Oh by the way i tried it with all the firewalls down and up : same results

    Although, i can play games on the lan.

    second question : i want to share my dial-up internet connection. how do ? i just want it in one way that if "A" is connected then "B" can join the connection as well.

    Third question: is there some sort of messaging apps for a lan ?? so "A" can send msgs to "B" without actually having to connect on the internet??
  2. Blakhart

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    What os do these systems run?
    That should get us started on some remediation.

    As to sharing a connection, if you have a router, does it have enough ports so that you can plug the systems into it? If not, just get a switch and plug both systems into it. Then the switch into the router. If the router does dhcp, and I don't know of one that doesn't, you can let the systems get an ip from the router, and online you should be.
  3. Nodsu

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    You have missed some basic point in Windows file sharing. Search these very forums for dozens of threads and guides on the subject..

    There are routers that support dialup and you should also be able use Windows ICS to share the dialup connection.

    As for the messenger.. Make your pick from any of these for starters:
  4. peacefull76

    peacefull76 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ahem i'm not sure wether my eyes tricks me or what but i think i can clearly see in the beginning : 2 windows xp PCs :) i dont mean to be rude here..

    and the thing is i never had any trouble sharing files and printers and stuff... but its the first time it ever happened to me (the funniest thing here is that both computers are exaclty the same in the OS department both SP2 same patchs and same settings. so what could be causing that "administrator privilege required" thing.

    as for the router, both systems are pluged but the thing is : there is no telephone cable entry so i need to set up each computer to some kind of bridge.
  5. Nodsu

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    You will have to use a modem in one of the computers and then share the dialup connection with your LAN..
  6. peacefull76

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    ok and as for that administrator privilege thing ? it says something like you cant open session on this computer, you might not have administrator privilege or somethine like that.

    the fact that im not sure about what is it, it's becuz i got french version of windows.
  7. Rick

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    Are you using Windows Home edition or Professional?

    If it is Professional, I've seen simliar problems. I have found that enabling "simple file sharing" and then getting rid of / recreating your network shares will solve this.

    You can enable Simple File Sharing by opening My Computer and selecting the "Tools" menu then "Folder Options". A window will open, choose the "View" tab and scroll down to the bottom. There is a check box that says "Use Simple File Sharing". If this is unchecked, please check it. Click OK and remove / recreate your folder shares.

    If "Use Simple File Sharing" is already checked, I might try to uncheck it, click OK and then repeat these steps again, only next time, check the option again before you press OK. This might reset whatever problem you are having. (just an unfounded suggestion, but it is worth a shot..)

    Simple File Sharing is fairly ***** proof. You should not be prompted for a password if you do the following. If you do, then I don't think your installation of Windows is behaving correctly.. It may be a bug or some other odd circumstance which will require more investigation.
  8. peacefull76

    peacefull76 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thx im gonna try that oh and btw its W pro

    could sp2 be causing this too ?? i mean each servers i setted up in the past didnt have sp2 as it was not yet available :p
  9. Samstoned

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