I inserted a new, RAM card into one of my PC`s without shutting it off.

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Jan 13, 2007
  1. Okay, so first let me say I am a *****. That being said, I tried to insert a new, second RAM card into one of my PC's without shutting off/disconnecting power.

    Suddenly the screen went blank and I smelled (surprise) a burning smell.

    Now, the power button on the front only works to turn the PC on (not off, though). When I turn it on, the fan starts up, but that's it. The light is on in the front, but the monitor gets no signal.

    I tried unplugging/replugging power cord. I tried popping the battery out and back in, then reboot. I tried rebooting with a completely different RAM card than the two I used when I messed it up. No dice.

    Is this recoverable or is my Motherboard FUBAR (messed up completely)?
  2. onesmartidiot

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    sounds like the board shorted out which does fry it. its probably safe to say the ram is toast too. always disconnect the power, and i even go as far as unplugging the monitor because there is some power going to the video card.

    lesson learned hopefully lol, maybe your lucky and it was only a pentium 4 and not a core 2 duo...
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    another question

    it's a few years old, i dont think it's a dual processer. it's a compaq with celeron 1.4 gHz.

    Does this in any way hurt the CPU or the Hard Drive (specifially the files saved on the drive)?
  4. onesmartidiot

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    the processor and hard drive (maybe a long shot the ram) are fine. the motherboard useally takes the damage. but what a new board would cost you its probably better to invest in new componets (and save the dadt on your hdd of course)

    my computer recently caught fire from a short around the psu plug on the board, and i replaced just the board and everything still works.

    lets see what other people say
  5. holyhit2

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    hmm similar to this topic ihtink is i have a situation kinda like his, my comp turns on the fan goes and the light stays solid but i have no signal from my monitor, now im not sure why this is. is it my MOBO? or is it something else. this happened last night ot me and iono what to do, umm my machine goes tick tick tick tick and the light is on, but i htink there is something wrong lol, anyone have a simliar experince, i own an emachines t1840 i read the thread about the PSUs up above and could that be the problem or is my board fried?? cuz like my HDd responds when the power is in, and the fans go sometimes, but i got no signal from my video card or from theorigainl video slot on the motherboard. so is my board shot or not?? please help me thanks
  6. Surkitz

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    uht oh, first off why didnt you turn the system off? are you in a hurry? exam your mobo to see for visual damage around the memory socket area. look at the memory chips too
  7. Tedster

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