I knew I'd have trouble installing xp pro...

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May 28, 2005
  1. Brief history.

    I have a copy of xp pro (lost my origional awhile back but was smart enough to burn it). Installed it on a clean partition on a hard drive that already had 98SE installed. First 2 attempts failed to install and said "usbohci.sys is corrupted" 3rd attempt (no changes made btw) and it said "halsomething or another is missing or corrupt". 4th attempt (still no changes) it installed just fine. :)

    So I put the cd in the jewel case and put it in a drawer. Fast forward a few months to last night. My dad calls and said his computer is stuck. So I go over and determine the hd is toast. It makes funny clicking sounds and smells smokey :eek:

    I get him a new hd today (60g maxtor) and decided to install xp pro vs 98SE. I expected to have a problem like I did when I installed it on my comp. However, after a dozen install attempts I gave up.

    Does anyone know a way to fix the "usbohci.sys is corrupted" issue? I don't have the origional xp pro cd because it's lost (probably thrown away by accident during one of the cleaning sprees).
  2. ZombieSlayer

    ZombieSlayer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    In lieu of installing xp pro on dads comp....

    Me again :)

    In instead of installing xp pro on my dads comp *new maxtor 60g hd* I decided to put what he was used to on the new hd.

    He had win95 origionally and used an update disc to 98SE. Easy to do right?


    Reformatted hd and verified it had zero files.

    Inserted win95 cd and rebooted.

    Install went fine up until it said it needed to reboot.

    Rebooted, got this msg on the screen "Windows protection fault. You need to restart your computer."

    Ok no biggie I restart...same msg.

    Ok no biggie I'll try safe mode....same msg.

    Command prompt...works :) But going to c:\windows and typing win gets same msg.

    Step by step mode...same msg.

    So I go home and search the net. Possible (and most likely errors) are missing lfshlp.sys file and/or config.sys looking for bad/missing lfshlp.sys file.

    Ok I copy the files from my 98SE partition and go back to dads. Put files into their respective places and reboot....no go same msg.

    Any other ideas for me to try?
  3. Liquidlen

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    Win 95 has a number of conflicts with 98 se, and many limitations
    If you want to do a clean install go direct to your 98 it will format and partition for you . During the installation it will ask for a qualifying upgrade product .You just pop out the 98 disk put the 95 disk in and you will be prompted after hitting OK to continue with the install. Put the 98 back and your off.
  4. ZombieSlayer

    ZombieSlayer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That didn't work :( 98SE wouldn't install without a "qualifying product" already installed.

    So the new hd is here at my place in my comp. I get the same "Windows protection fault" on this comp as well. I reformatted the hd before installing it on my comp.

    I'll keep fiddling with it, and hopefully you folks can help me out along the way :)
  5. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Win 95 was very touchy , particularly ,hardware ,drivers especially pre OS2
    Even bad ram may be causing your problem.
    You said you were able to partition ,format and load 95 .
    Try copying the contents of the CD to a partition on the harddrive and running setup from there.
  6. ZombieSlayer

    ZombieSlayer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It's a mute point now :) I went ahead and ordered the reimaging cd from compaq. So the new hd will be set up just like the old one was. Easier for him and me.

    Thanks for the ideas :) I'll keep them in mind if I ever run into this again.
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