i need a brain to pick..any out there..

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Jul 20, 2005
  1. hey .... wait now dont everyone take a giant step backwards.... :evil:

    ok....well i was just wondering if anybody could tell me or show me or direct me on how i can take a cdrom (either win95 or winxp have both) and make floppy disks (3"x5") for a new install on a computer that doesnt have a cdrom drive. it does how ever have win 3.1... (oh wow...just peachy)...i do have a cdrom to install once i get xp back on to it...it being a laptop...dell inspirion.
    anywho ... hope a brain pops in soon....im about to do this to it... :knock: :knock: :knock: :knock: !!!

  2. just_a_nobody

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    Hi tazzie, sounds like you have quite a problem. I was wondering, if you can give us more specific details about your computers, which would help us better determine what route to take. Like what operating system do you want to put on the computer? What are the specs of your computers?

    If you want to put XP on a machine that has win3.1, on it, I don't know if the computer would handle it. I would think the hard drive is too small, so you would be better of, doing win95. I just put win95, on an old laptop, where the hard drive went out. I used an adaptor, that allowed me to, put the laptop's hard drive into one of mydesktop computers, and installed it like that. It worked like a charm.

    You might check on eBay, for win95 floppies, I know I have seen them on there. That would be the route that I would take, that way you will have the original disks just incase.

    If both computers are laptops, it may be possible to switch hard drives, and install from the computer with the cdrom.
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    You could use an USB storage device or a network share to hold the Windows install files and boot from a DOS floppy with DOS drivers for either USB or network.
  4. jst_tazzie

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    the sick computer is a laptop and im typing you on my desktop....the sick laptop use to be an up and running around...playing and downloading like all its little friends not long ago!! its a dell inspiron 4000, windows 98 second editon...celeron 700mhz...with hp cd/write external cdrom . then i go away for the weekend...come home and ....VVaawwaalllaaa...it just mysteriously decided on its own i guess, that the DOS mode was more fun!! *shurg*...also...it has some stupid admin password crap that I DIDNT authorize...and i think i now have a pretty expensive (cuz of extras i use to have) whatcha-ma-thingy...
    so anyways i just thought id see if anybody felt like helpin...

  5. just_a_nobody

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    Ok, forgive me, because I am old and slow...lol. Your laptop, that had win98se, needs an admin password now? Win98 does not have an admin account, so I am guessing that somehow, it was set through the bios.

    It sounds like it will boot up, but just requires a password to get to the desktop, is that correct? What I am thinking, is your CMOS battery went out, not the battery that you use to run your laptop without the AC adaptor, it's a little watch battery (about the size of a nickle), inside your computer.

    The battery number is CR2032, they cost a couple of dollars, and you should be able to get them at Walmart, Kmart, maybe at your local drug store.

    As far as opening up your laptop, to replace it, that I could tell you how, without knowing your computer.

    Well, I hope this helps.
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