I need a driver, I cant find it, so im loggin in here.

By Tinygod777
Jul 14, 2003
  1. Hello all, i hope life has delt you a fair hand and that you arnt anting up mor than you can afford, Any way enough with being a pretensious dork, Hi, um im looking for a very hard to find driver, Its for an older card, made by diamond multimedia, which has woefully be bought out by ATI, i think. Anyway all buisness support for this device has been suspended so they arnt making new drivers for it, i have found a custom driver and im hoping that it will work, yeah right, but hey if it does, good for me. So if anybody out there has a driver that will work for a diamond mulitmedia Fire GL 1000 Pro, and wants to meet a really hot blonde, but you have to be really nice, shes family, then send me a driver that will let Maya run on my crappity crap crap crap crap, if not got o hell and in general have more painful existance, just kidding but hey thats how the cookie crumbles. Oh yeah, its running a 3dlabs premedia 2 processor, so an open GL driver for that thing might work, any help at all would be gretly appreciated, till then, Adios!!!!
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