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I need a password

By Canadian ยท 6 replies
May 18, 2005
  1. I need to put a password on a shared folder in windows xp home. How? Thanks.
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    i don't think windows xp home allows password protected shared folders.
  3. Canadian

    Canadian TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 77

    Please, there must be some way!

    I really need this!
  4. REB_ElMagnifico

    REB_ElMagnifico TS Rookie sound desperate. Well, WinXP home edition is not the best operating system when it comes to networking, but it does have a few secrets. There are actually a few ways to do what you need to do. I will give you the simplest way(in my opinion). Truthfully I can't remember the other two is in command prompt and the other is something you type in in the "run" box. is what you do:
    Restart your computer and right after the post beep, starting tapping f8 every second or so until you see the windows startup menu. In the list there should be a option that says "safe mode with networking". Select that option and continue to boot up. When the computer boots up it will give you a new option that you can logon as administrator. You can logon as administrator if you want to play a bit, however you need to logon to your own user account. Once you do that you can find the folder you want to password protect(the password will be entered when you login to your account) and now you just need to share the folder and make sure that you are the owner and allow yourself full control under permissions. And just like magic only you or whomever is logged on to your account can access that folder.
    Good luck.
  5. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Alternatively, put the whole folder, including any subfolders, into a zip-file and put a password on that zipfile. Then delete that folder. Next time you just unzip that folder, make your changes, zip it up again and delete folder again.
  6. REB_ElMagnifico

    REB_ElMagnifico TS Rookie

    Well...that is just too simple...I wish I would have thought of it.
  7. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Might be a little less work to just Encrypt the Shared Folder, you can set this up so that any files stored in the folder are automatically protected, and the only users that can access the files have the encryption code.
    A word of caution , Remember many programs(Microsft Word) save a copy of files worked on in the MY Documents folder as well as where everelse you may save those files so you have to delete the MY Document Copy.
    Backup a copy of your encryption file itself on seperate media.In the case of a crash ,HDD etc. you will be able to regain your encrypted data.
    Windows Help can guide you through encrytion it is very simple.
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