I need a suggesion!! MCSE, Comptia Network+ , Cisco or any other course?

By mrkueh80 · 8 replies
Mar 13, 2005
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  1. Hi, I need a help here,

    I just finish my degree and master degree.
    my master degres is a business system (courseware)
    I found that it dosent help me to find any IT related job in Australia.
    and I do not have any experiene as well and mainly my subjects are non-programming subjects.

    which i am considering the networking course. because i think at least most of the company do use networking.

    Since my networking knowledge is limited. So i am planning to subscribe some online course. and study Comptia Network + .

    After complete Comptia Network +, find a job then planning to take MCSE. i found that cisco certification only valid 3 years which i think i prefer MCSE.

    what is you guys opinion? Its worthy to subscribe some online course? because is relatively cheaper than the class room.

    the link is www.e-learningcenter.com in General IT package.

    I really need to plan my future career.

    or any networking subjects u guys prefer??

    Thank you
  2. joshuaCHedges

    joshuaCHedges TS Rookie

    Training course advice.


    First of, let me state that this is, of course, only my opinion in this matter.

    I am an IT systems, hardware & network trainer.

    If you can the ability to do it get a set of training books. I would quite honestly say you should start at A+. Get the A+ certification. Books cost about £30 to £50 in England. Global Training Solutions
     do the best training manuals, but these are normally done for instructor led courses and they cost a lot more £90-£130 approx.
    Then go for the N+ or even the iNet+ course and certification. N+ gives you one exam toward the MCSE. 
    You say that Cisco only lasts three years. Well, a couple of things here. It costs a massive amount of money to go through a training program to become CCNE, but it is almost certainly the top one and would land you jobs at the 100K mark. Secondly, MCSE only lasts until Microsoft retires it in favour of the new operating system. I was MCSE & MCT in NT4 and had to upgrade myself to W2k when they retired NT4. Only CompTIA certification, as far as I am aware does not expire.
    As for subscribing to a course, I found that using CBT's was very good, but I full copy of all CBT's needed for MCSE in W2k cost me £1,750 and you have to work at it at home, so you need the will power to not watch the TV, etc. But I did get full on-line and telephone help. I thought the particular company I got these off to be very good. Look into that option as well and before committing.
    Networking is the best area to be proficient in, I think. As you say, everyone wants it and so being able to support it is going to keep you in work. There are lots of different areas you could be in, but I would think you would find yourself in an administrative post to start with, from there you can progress to your chosen area. I prefer network traffic analysis/packet analysis with a view to being able to enhance the speed and efficiancy of the network, you know, tweaking it to reduce bandwidth; but you will need to be proficient in Microsoft ADS structure, LAN & WAN technologies, Media types, Network access methods and frame types, all the different specifications, TCP/IP of course, Implementation and management on different operating systems, especially Microsoft ones. Pretty much everything that is in a N+ course outline. Look on [html] www.gtslearning.com 
    Of course, the best way to pay for the training is to get a job with a company that will put you on all the courses!!

    Good luck. Need any more inf. Just ask.
  3. mrkueh80

    mrkueh80 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    reply to joshua

    thank you for your kind reply.

    Regarding the Comptia A+. I have quick review the course contents, and i found that Comptia A+ basically is a basic computer knowledge.

    because i am been dealing with the computer for 5 years in my university. I do assembly the PC, upgrade PC, install and format PC etc..

    and my major for my degree is E-Commerce. Mostly cover all the basic computer spect.

    Do you think I still need to take Comptia A+?

    Now, I am thinking of self study some of the Networking text book (borrow from library) and subscribe online course of Comptia Network + .

    After i got a Job, then study the MCSE course.

    what do you think?

    sorry for asking too many questions
  4. joshuaCHedges

    joshuaCHedges TS Rookie



    A+ certification is pretty much a must for an increasingly large proportion of companies. At least, it is in the UK & US. So taking to exams would be useful. You may not need to do the courses or study.
    Let me ask you a few questions. If you can answer them straight off then you probably know your stuff and could take the exam.

    The first one is in the format of an exam.

    What can cause faint printing on a laser-jet printer? (Choose two)

    A. Too much humidity in the air
    B. Malfunctioning transfer corona
    C. Printing on wrong side of paper
    D. Duplex mechanism inside printer
    E. Malfunctioning high-voltage DC power supply

    What is the speed and width of standard PCI / PCI-X / AGP 1x, 8x?
    How many pins does a VESA connection have?
    What is the total bandwidth of a basic rate ISDN line?
    How long can a monomode fibre optic cable go before it starts to suffer from attenuation? What device can be used to extend this?
    How do you work out the VA rating? Why would you want to?
    What is the size of an AT mainboard?
    What CPU goes into a Socket-8?
    What is the Data Bus width of a 486DX / Pentium?
    What is the difference between an online and an offline UPS?
    What is the speed of UBS 1.o/i & 2.0?
    What are the names of the 3 different types of USB cable ends and where are they used?
    What are the Characteristics of ECP? What is the specification number?
    What is the speed of ECP?
    What is the maximum amount of nodes on a single segment star network using TP cabling?
    How would you extend this maximum?
    What is data scew?
    How large is a sector?
    What is the smallest writeable area on a harddisk called?
    At what specification level did ATA first include ATAPI?
    What is ATAPI?
    On what layer of the ISO OSI 7498 model does addressing take place?
    What is SMART?
    How fast is UDMA5?
    What is the limit in size of ATAPI version 6? How many bits are used to address a harddisk at this level?
    What is DVD-18?
    What size is a DVD using SONY BlueRay disk technology?
    Name 3 types of tape cartridge?
    Which has the largest capacity?
    What was introduced with the ATX mainboard design?
    What IEEE 802 specification level supports CSMA/CD?
    What is the UART chip and what does it support?
    What is V.32bis?
    What is V.42bis?
    What is the difference between MNP5 & V.42bis?
    What is shadowing?
    Explain 'Hardware Independance'?
    What is the ESCD?
    What is the IRQL & I/O Port address of the first parallel port?
    Explain the difference between 1st & 3rd party DMA?
    What is a brownout?
    What is the safest way to handle a CRT when it is not in a case?
    What are the other names the can be used for a DIX port?
    Is ESD a recoverable event?
    What is the main feature of CDDI/FDDI?
    What does the primary corona do?
    Is EMI a recoverable event?
    How many and what types of partitions can be supported in operating systems from NT onwards?
    What is the speed and hertz rating of Ultra3 SCSI?
    What are the connectivity devices called in a 802.5 ring?
    How many devices can be supported on a 16bit SCSI controller?
    What is the lowest device ID?
    What is a LUN?
    What is the Hayes AT command to turn on blind dialing?
    How many SIMMs modules need to be installed to support a Pentium CPU?
    What is the Hayes AT command to hang up a line?
    What does 3 long beeps from the BIOS generally mean on bootup?
    What is the difference between co-operative & pre-emptive multitasking?
    How many pins on a SLOT1 cartridge slot?
    How many Ohms is the terminator on the end of a RG-8 co-axial cable?
    What is RG-58 cable?
    What CPU's are supported in this slot?
    What is the name given by Intel to CPUs that can be used in dual or multi-processing environments?
    How much L1 cache does a Pentium 1 have?
    What are the 3 main differences between the later SIMM module and the standard DIMM module?
    What is the difference between 'Parity' & 'ECC'?
    What is the speed and Hertz rating of ISA and where does it get it's timing signal from?
    Name the black roller in a dot matrix printer?
    What are the differences between LCD & TFT?
    What kind of topology would be used in a 10BASE2 network layout?
    What kind of connector is a FSMA Fibre connector?
    On what layer of the ISO OSI 7498 model does conversion from ACSII to EBCDIC and vica-versa take place?What can a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) tell you?

    Let me know what you think. Of course there are also the Operating system questions aswell. both courses and exams would cover some of the same stuff (resources, partitioning, file-tables, BIOS, networking basics)
  5. johny007in

    johny007in TS Rookie

    Need help

    Hello Everyone
    My name is Mahmood and I am from London, I am here for some solution and help.
    Actually I am moving to USA soon and i have done my business studies and my diploma in computer application long time back. I know few basic things about computers like PC assembling, formatting, modem and router configuration etc. but these studies has not benefit me much and I am still stuck with my career in future. I am moving to US soon and I want to get into network security and project management. I know it could be wrong choosing the course as i have no clue where to start from.
    wages in US as network security or IT project management is really good, so I am planning to start a new career. some of my friends advised me for MCSE and MCSA but i guess cisco is much preferable in US and worldwide.
    I am stuck and I need help to built my future

    I would really appriciate if anyone can help me out.

  6. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Certificates help with academic or government jobs.
    For everybody else, the experience is what counts most.
    It is handy to have MCSE and MCSA tags atfer you have the experience...
    Think about it. Would you hire somebody who had read a couple of books.
  7. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    The Cisco certifications are pretty good, but have a small validity period (2-3 years). I'm currently pursuing a CCNA certification, and it's pretty straightforward so far. Then again, I'm an engineering student, so IP addresses and subnetting is much easier for me than for other folks I assume.
  8. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    I agree that the Cisco certifications are superior... perhaps to all others... but if you don't use or service Cisco equipment or connections, the expense of learning Cisco's way, then paying for the exams is outrageously high.
    Unless things have changed recently.
    You really need the MCSE amd MCSA before you go down the CISCO road... we are talking about $10,000 before you are done... books, materials, classes, exams, repeat exams... Then suddenly it is time to renew... Windows 7 will also produce a new level of changes, as did VISTA
  9. johny007in

    johny007in TS Rookie

    Thanks very much

    Thanks all for your kind reply and suggestion
    since this evening i was searching online for various institute and colleges for CCNA Boot Camp - ICND1 & ICND2 combined and Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS) - CCNA Security course and found one part time coz am full time employed aswell and costs APROX. £3000 - duration of course - 8 days + 5 days

    and another site for MCSE and MCSA (complete solution)
    duration -- 5 weeks + 16 weeks and costs aprox. £3000

    i dont know yet howmuch are the exam fees.
    pls chk the link below and i would appriciate all suggestions


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