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Aug 3, 2002
  1. I'm looking for an external antenna for my Motorola V60t phone. I want to boost the signal inside my home. Currently, I get 2-3 bars when I'm inside and 5 bars when I'm outside. I'm looking to purchase online. Anyone have any suggestion as to where I should go and what brand to buy? My budget is $100. I just want a reliable antenna with a good return policy.
  2. Phantasm66

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    When I first read that thread topic I thought... Woah... that dude has issues.... !


    But that's actually a very good question.

    I am afraid I don't know the answer but I am sure another of our good members does....

    Sorry for sarcasm... :) ;) :)
  3. Tweakster

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    Yes I can help u

    I was looking through a wholesaler magazine for Nokia 7650 (150quid is my asking price if anyone in UK can get me 1) and i saw this. I have sent off for a few to see if they are any good i will be getting them on Monday.

  4. PHATMAN5050

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    Are you referring to the signal boosters they sell Tweakster? Those boosters are nothing more than a sticker that do nothing for the phone. I have a few friends in the cell phone industry and they will stand behind me in that statement. Think about it...the instructions say to place anywhere on the phone. The concept is that it will attract tdma/cdma frequeny. Without it touching the metal internal/external antenna how will the signal be picked up by the phone. Not to mention that there is no metal in the sticker so its like putting a plastic bag on your hand and walking around saying that you are catching cell phone service in the palm of your hand.
  5. PHATMAN5050

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    Here ya go, not very attractive though. LoL \me imagines erwin walking around his house wearing that unsightly antenna.
  6. Tweakster

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    I have not seen 1 before and i am supprised that it dosnt contain any metal! So i thought i would try 1 out.
  7. PHATMAN5050

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    How much did you pay for it? They sell by the 100s on ebay.
  8. Tweakster

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    I only paid for P&P for 5.
  9. erwin1978

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    I did my two-day research and came up with the Antenna Specialist ASPRDMT1994T. I also needed an adapter to use it with the V60t phone. I just ordered today from Criterion Cellular. They seemed to be the most reliable looking website I could find. I learned a lot about antennas from them. They tell you all about dB gain and frequencies and why those tape antennas don't work.

    I wasted a weekend for this:blush:
  10. Tweakster

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    I recived my Anntena boosty thingy. It is a Polyvin Gold or copper based ink printed (Lithograph/ screen print (not sure) onto clear permant vinyl.

    I am unable to test if a current is pressent so im not sure if it is copper or just gold colour.
  11. svtcobra

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    I am very interested in the results Erwin. I have the same phone..
  12. erwin1978

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    I normally get 3 bars inside my home and sometimes less. Outdoors, near the mall I get all the bars.

    I knew the Antenna Specialist(AS) antenna would work. The brand seems to be the most popular. I've been able to achieve 4 steady bars indoors. Just make sure you set the magnet on a metal surface. I have a 12"x12" sheet metal I cut out of my case and used that as the ground. Read the website. They explain it in detail. Very good.

    The adapter that I bought(from same place) connects to the back of the phone, where the rubber plug can be removed. The funny thing is, Motorola told me that the V60t doesn't accept after-market antennas, but why have this plug on the back if it doesn't.

    The only thing I hate about the adapter is that it doesn't secure well on the back of the phone. Basically, for the antenna to work, the prong on the adapter must touch the small metal part on the back of the phone. To better illustrate this, imagine your left and right index fingers and touch them end to end. Well, that's basically how the antenna contacts the phone's internal circuit. All it takes is a nodge a fraction of a millimeter and the connection is severed and you wouldn't be able to tell unless you constantly look at your phone and see the bars drop. The adaptor is held only by the tightness of the hole, which will eventually loosen as you insert and take out the adaptor over time.

    You don't have to remove the stubby antenna and the loop that goes over the stubby only keeps the adapter from swinging.

    If you search really hard you may find an adapter that connects where the stubby antenna screws in. That would be much more efficient and provide a snug fit. I've seen it on one website but didn't pay attention.

    For the more adventurous, you could mod the stubby antenna and the adapter so that the stubby is soldered on to the adapter.

    Overall I'm pleased with the antenna. I expected at least to get one bar increase if I didn't I would've returned it. Again, you may not get the same results as I do.
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