I need help Asus m2n4

By davidj209
Mar 24, 2007
  1. So my video card fried out on my last computer and it was an AGP so i thought well hell now is a better time then any to upgrade to PCI express and just get a nice new mobo cpu and everything else. So i start doing my homework and decided to get a AMD 64 x2 slot a2 or whatever processor 2.0 ghz. Then i planned on gettin a nice video card so i purchased a evga 7900 pci express card, then heres where i think i made the mistake. I purchased a open box ASUS M2N4-SLI Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard i read the reviews it seem to have its problems and negative reviews but nothing bad. I get it in and find out my old ram doesn't fit it so i buy some new 240 wintron i think ram 2g's hook it all up it boots then shuts right back off after less then 2 seconds. Well it has a 24 pin power supply hook up and mine was only 20 so thinking that maybe that was the problem i but a nice Antec 2.0 500w power supply which let me tell you is super QUIET. I hook that up and still the same thing. So anyone have any suggestion i checked all my wires and everything yet nothing. I get no beeps no warning beeps nothing is posting its just bizarre. I think the mobo was DOA espically since it was open boxed. Strange thing was i took out the cpu and turned it on and it just kept running never shut off.

    Ok so anyone have any suggestions.
  2. honvetops

    honvetops TS Rookie

    1st things 1st

    take my advice, I am having to do this all over again myself*.

    place the mobo by itself on top of the box it was in.
    (of course ++++ ground yourself, get off the carpet if you can !! touch all over some metal )

    place one stick of ram in the 1st memory slot
    double check the cpu ( put artic 5 or thermal paste directly in center of cpu. about 2/3-to- 1/3 the size of a decent size pea*
    attach the heatsink & fan ontop cpu to mobo
    hook up the psu

    hook up the keyboard and monitor / mouse

    say prayer, turn on power. Did the yellow or orange power light come on the mobo? *might be green* in some cases......
    any signal to the monitor, ?
    carefully and slowly start adding hardware if ok from there. Completely turn off power and dis-connect the psu each time changing, especially the ram!!
    Good luck...
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