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Mar 22, 2003
  1. Hi every1 I have never build a computer on my own before and soon I will have to build 3(one for me, one for my bro, and one for my other bro). I mean I know how to install video card, sound cards, ram, hard drives, cd roms etc. So I guess I would prob be able to build one on my own. Well Ill prob build all 3 comps the same with maybe different amount of ram, harddrive space, different procesor speed and different video card and different version of the MSI nforce2 board. I want to know if this computer is going to be good and what extra items I need to build it(Like extra Fans etc). I will post the computer i will build for me as the example since im not sure about all the things i need please state what im missing.

    Motherboard: MSI nForce 2 K7N2G-ILSR

    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 2.0GHz Processor Retail

    Ram: 512 DDR266 PC2100

    HardDrive: 40GB HD 7200RPM

    Cd-Rom: 52x

    Video Card: Integrated GeForce4 mx/400 (I plan to get a FX when I save the Money)

    Sound Card: Integrated

    Lan Card: Integrated

    If you guys think I need anything like fans or anything else please tell me or thermal paste(im not quite sure if I need this) you know anything I didnt mention here exept for a case for the comp, and also give me Brand and model of these objects.
  2. negroplasty

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    Here is a thread that will help you a lot. My main point for you is to be careful when touching, make sure that you are earthed as you really don't want static damage.

    BTW,:wave: Welcome to TechSpot Forums :wave:, I am also quite new here; everyone is very friendly so you should settle in nicely, and I hope you stay with us :grinthumb .
  3. Gurnir

    Gurnir TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thx I am sure Ill stay here and post my question and answers(if I know them) Well any way this other thread doesnt tell me all the pieces I need to buy like cpu HD ram Powersupply etc.
  4. iss

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    personally I would forgo the CDrom and get a DVD rom. it is usually only about 15 dollars more for a good DVD rom than a CD rom. (if you buy at newegg or some other good online retailer)

    toshiba, pioneer, and liteon make excellent DVDroms. and if you plan on making back up copies of you games the DVD roms are better readers.

    on the issue of fans I would get a case that allows you to mount two 80cm fans one in the front drawing air in and one in the back drawing the air out.
  5. Steg

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    personally i would choise the ASUS nforce 2 board as apposed the MSI but thats just because i have had bad experiance wif MSI's and i like the ASUS more..

    also - seeing as the cpu u want has a 333mhz FSB it be an idea to buy DDR 333 ram as well....its not alot more but it will be worth it

    on the subject of thermal paste - MAKE SURE U HAVE SOME - the pads that come as default on heatsinks are CRAP! a tube is only £3 or £4 so it is definatly worth it - especially if u like to overclock a little....it reduced my core temp from 60 to 48 - not bad for £3.50

    Soundcards.....i would personally go for a Creative SB everytime - a Live 5.1 digital is only about £40 and all the extra features are definatly worth it

    just my 2 cents

  6. welder1978

    welder1978 TS Rookie

    glad to see you are picking an amd. personally i think they are a better processor. the one thing about building a amd computer is to make sure that you have a good power supply. that was one mistake that i made when i built my last one. i used the ps that came with the case because it said it was a 350 watt ps. i had alot of micro reboot problems as soon as i started putting in more drives and a better graphics card. amd cpu's really take alot of power. i now have a antec true power 550 watt ps. i know it is probably overkill for it, but hey, alot better than what was happening. good luck. just take your time. later.

  7. Gurnir

    Gurnir TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Well how much watts should my power supply have
  8. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

  9. welder1978

    welder1978 TS Rookie

    it's really not how much power supply you have. it basically comes down to there are companies that make cheap cheap stuff and they might advertise 400 watts and the thing burns out when putting out 280. here is a link that explains this more.


    this link


    (also mentioned above :)) helps a person determine if the power supply you are looking at will keep your system healthy. i guess what i am trying to say is with all of today's processors running so fast, a 15 dollar power supply aint gonna cut it anymore.

    like i said before, the 350 ps that came with my case was probably one of the cheap ones and i got so frustrated with my reboot problems that after i got my tax refund back i went a dropped some change for the biggest one out there. if you read the links it is clearly an OVERKILL, but hey, i'm an american, i don't think small. later.

  10. Gurnir

    Gurnir TS Rookie Topic Starter


    So Ill get a tower big enough for my mobo ith space for 2 80mm fan, get DDR333 and a good powersupply..Now on to he fan for my processor....will the fan that comes with the processor do fine or should i get a fancier fan? Please Explain and give examples
  11. acidosmosis

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    Here are some hints from personal experience to what you should pay special attention to when building a new PC. Especially if you are going to get an Athlon Processor.

    1) Processor cooling - Do NOT buy a cheap heatsink or a small CPU fan. You'll pay the price later on when you are constantly getting lockups and having to watch the temperature. I suggest
    something from Thermalright. Also, whatever heatsink you get if it is rated for say a 2100+ Athlon, you'd be much better of getting a heatsink rated for something a bit higher. As far as your CPU fan, do not buy a small or thin fan. I suggest 70mm or 80mm case fans for your CPU fan.

    2) Case Air Circulation - Get a case that can hold at least 80mm fan's in it. You want at least one in the front, and one in the back.
    One pulling air in, the next pulling it out (keeping circulation good). Think of the inside of your case as blood vessels. You want a nice flow of air. If air is just being thrown around inside the case and not circulated in and out your case temperature will suffer and the CPU fan won't do much but circulate the heat inside the case into your heatsink resulting in a pointless effort.

    3) RAM - Don't buy SDRAM, go with DDR and at LEAST PC2100 speed. You don't want to be running a bottleneck because that is just wasted money (not only wasted on the ram but the processor, etc.) and a pain in the butt.

    4) Video Card - If your going to get a decent system like I am describing then you want at least a higher end Geforce4 or even an FX.. these are popular for their great drivers but are beaten in speed by ATI's equivelant higher end video cards... though you don't get as great of drivers and compatibility. Suggest if possible trying a friends ATI card on your new system and seeing how well it runs (or even a Geforce4).

    5) Hard Drive - a good hard drive will make your system purr on load times. Go with at least a 7200rpm because lets face it 5400rpm just isn't the standard anymore and you can get some nice 7200rpm hard drives for a great deal these days. Hell, if your going to be doing any multimedia, graphic editing, etc go with a 10,000 rpm ;-) but you'll pay the same amount for an 18gig as you would a 100gig 7200rpm hard drive.

    6) Power Supply - Definately VERY important. Do NOT let your higher end system run with a cheap power supply that comes with your case. Go with power supplys such as Enermax or Antec. You don't want annoying lockups and don't want to risk your PSU blowing up one day in the process possibly destroying other components in your system. I'd say get at LEAST a 350w power supply and preferrably a 400w or higher.

    7) Component cooling - It isn't a must, but as cheap as bracket fans and direct cooling fans are it sure won't hurt to have all your PCI/AGP cards getting some extra cooling from a nice 120mm fan. I bought a nice one for about $20 and I'm sure my Radeon9700 Pro thanks me for it. (also does a good job of pushing air up from the bottom of the case into the middle then moving any hot air in the bottom of the case right into the 2 back fans moving it out of the case).

    Anyway, there is my 2 cents. Remember though... these things aren't listed by importance.
  12. Arris

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    I think that nForce2 board comes with the Nvidia Soundstorm audio which means a sound card would not be required. Personally I would get the CPU without retail HSF and buy something a bit better.
  13. edub82

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    The 2400+ is a 266Mhz FSB, so it is not necessary to buy PC2700, but is probably a good idea anyway for possible future upgrades.
    If you live in the US shop at googlegear.com or newegg.com.
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