i need help...pc wont boot

By sammyp
Aug 15, 2007
  1. hey i just built a pc, and i am having trouble with even starting.....i have blu standby light on, on the motherboard. i know i'm getting power but nothing else seems to be happening. no fans, or nething. I dont know if it could be the 8 pin connector to the cpu or on nething cause i have 2 4 pin connectors...i' am newb in building pcs, as this is my first. the power supply i have is a ocz gamer xstream 700w, and the motherboard is an evga 680i sli. I'm pretty sure it isnt the power supply because i jump started it by connecting the green black pins with a paper clip, and nothing else connected to it, and it worked.

    any help what so ever will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    The only way you are going to find out what this is is to spend some (more!) time diagnosing the problem. You will need to try the following:
    Take the board and PSU out of the case and connect them. Take any RAM and cards off. Connect a speaker if not on board - leave the chip and CPU fan connected. Start by shorting the pins for the power button. If you get POST (Power On Self Test) beeps, the board has a fighting chance. Now fit the RAM - restart in the same way - should be beeps but different - they vary according to the board make. If you get beeps, fit the graphic card and the monitor - get beeps? Connect the hard drive. Beep - just one? Thats what you are looking for. Now keep connecting bits until either it stops or it works. Now fit the whole lot back into the chassis and reconnect one piece at a time. When it stops anywhere in this process you have found what is stopping it.
  3. sammyp

    sammyp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks i will try that...but is it neccessary to take the board out aswell.
    so it should beep everytime something is connected correctly, also can you explain shorting the power power button. Because on my motheboard there is a power and reset button, which is directly on the board.
  4. AlbertLionheart

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    Beeps - check the motherboard manual as it should tell you what the various beeps mean. Usually, 1 beep is good. Many beeps is OK as it tells you what is wrong; no beeps is bad.
    Jumpers. Take off all the cable connetors to the front panel. Use a small screwdriver to short the two pins of the power button connector. Do it again to turn off.
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