I need help to eliminate a specific add-on program; problem seems not easy to solve!

By franklogus
Jul 30, 2004
  1. Hi all !
    I have installed one freeware program yesterday, and, now, I am having some problems... This freeware installed together one add-on program (WebHancer), which is a damn one!! I have run my AdAware 6.0, and it found around 20 spywares/add-ons related to this WebHancer program. The Problem is that if I put these "spywares" into quarantine, they block my internet connection, showing me a message of DNS ERROR. So, I NEED (unfortunatelly) to keep them in my computer. If I will try to remove it into the control panel, I will NEVER more be able to have a net connection (I talked today with a friend; he uninstalled it and had to format his HD to have an internet connection again) ... I think that this program changes some settings of the Windows registry ...
    Well, I need some help to try to solve this odd problem (I have already tried to use the restore system of Windows XP, but I think this damn program do not let me to do it, because I was not able to restore anything) ...
    Thanks a lot for any help !!!!
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