I need help with an activex and downloading issue

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Jan 13, 2007
  1. My computer won't load any activex anything (images or the warning bar at the top etc). It also won't let me download anything. It always says that there is something wrong with the site I"m trying to download from and that includes the windows update site. Now I'm not very good when it comes to all of this insane stuff this computer is doing now. All of it started when I downloaded IE 7 but I got rid of that and went back to IE 6 but the problems remain. Any suggestions?
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    IE >Internet Options >Security Tab

    2 options: Set to lower/correct level of security


    Define Custom level by clicking on the button then scrolling down to ActiveX and select Enable/Disable/Prompt for whatever you choose under the categories given.
    Enable Active X for signed certificates: o[Prompt (recommended)]
    Enable Active X for unsigned certificates: o[Disabled]

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    OK I tried both of those things and still nothing. It still won't let me get my updates or use any sort of activex. One example is that when I'm trying to view my slideshows on myspace it shows the little box but when I try to click to view the image it doesn't do anything.
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    STAY OFF myspace until you get this all fixed -- heck -- just stay off --
    known to have all kinds of trojans, viruses.
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