i need help with making an online game!!!

By Cavy99 ยท 8 replies
Jul 14, 2007
  1. im am creating a mmofps. which stands for massive multiplayer online first person shooter. i have a program that is free that i downloaded and am learning how to use it. i need tons of help making this game. if you want to help plz email me at allstarozzy99@yahoo.com
    i will tell you about the program so we can both use it. ill also tell you about what the game is going to be like. so plz email me. if you dont have email then reply to this message and we can find a way to work together.and remember, if we make millions of this game you will get some money.
  2. RedWolf55AJ

    RedWolf55AJ TS Rookie Posts: 20

    wow, intriguing. What program are you using or have used so far..
  3. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Posts: 2,273

    :haha: Ok Im in, I always wanted to make millions with a free based FPS creator :D

    I can make textures and 3D models ( not very detailed ones but good enough ) with 3DS Max and Photoshop CS2
  4. munch2477

    munch2477 TS Enthusiast Posts: 104

    haha he said "some" money. he will give u 5% and take the rest.

    O yeah, whats the title gonna be or what is the general theme of this game?
  5. Cavy99

    Cavy99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    im not posting the theme on these forums. if you want to help you have to email me at
    no i will not just take all the money and run. you see i have to pay for the expences. so ill end up only geting as much as you.
    so if you want to help email me.
  6. Cavy99

    Cavy99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh ya. how much money you make depends on how much you did for the game. and how much the game makes. so your not guranteed to make a whole lot of money.
  7. Cavy99

    Cavy99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    if you want to know what program you have to help . and there for you have to email me.
  8. Cavy99

    Cavy99 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh i forgot to mention. its a free trial that lasts 30 days. to buy the acual thing it costs $50 only.
  9. munch2477

    munch2477 TS Enthusiast Posts: 104

    Or you can just make one post and put that all together...and i was making a joke with the money. did u notice the "haha" before it?
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