I need help

By hadebs1995
May 13, 2010
  1. I built a new computer. Using a Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H mobo, AMD X4 630 proc, 4Gb Cosair XMS3 memory. 2 WD SATA drives, 1 160GB/1 500Gb, a DVD reader, and a DVD burner, both IDE. The HD drives are set up in native IDE so they operate independently as masters. I have talked to all manufacturers and several of my local guru friends and as yet we can't solve my issue.
    PROBLEM: After installing XP Pro and the drivers provided with the board, additional software that I regularly use, the system runs beautifully.
    You can do warm boots and normal shutdowns and everything remains stable. BUT, if I shut system down and turn off the power to the mobo and attempt to restart, the system hangs or has all kinds of problems loading the operating system.
    I have upgraded BIOS, tested memory, run diagnostics on the drives (even used different drives) changed out PSU. All suggestions by vendors but still the problem exists.

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