I need some help shopping - video card

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Dec 26, 2007
  1. mailpup

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    Possibly the Nvidia 8600GT which is around $100 USD. There is some variation among brands and models. This price doesn't consider tax, shipping or rebates.
  2. samjohnson

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    Here is a 8600GT that will be somewhere around $15 above budget.


    I don't think that you are going to find a 8600GT for $100 it will most likely be above it somewhere. If you are not gaming much but want to when you feel like it then you could get a 7600GT. I have one and I can run COD4 and Crysis. COD4 runs good but Crysis I have to play on low, though it still looks great. So if you want something under budget and not over I would go for the 7600GT.
  3. mailpup

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    Actually there are a few at Newegg. I checked before posting above. Click here for examples.
  4. samjohnson

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    Ok I guess I was wrong. That one is under $100 with free shipping but I don't think I would get it just cuse it has a heatsink instead of a fan and heatsink. The other ones that where under budget were all ones that didn't have the best ratings. If you don't mind spending 15 bucks or so over budget then I would get the one that I put in my other post.

    Actually that 8600GT has a $20 mail in rebate so it would actually be under $100.
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