I need some help with some dllcache/ errors... I have re-formatted twice! Please help

By Astion
Dec 12, 2007
  1. Okay, never used one of these things but whenever I type in the error messages I am given on Google... all I see are these forums. Might as well give it a go, seems to get fast enough responses too, which is good.

    I've been dealing with a problem for a little while.

    After installing some new RAM, god forbid WoW keep running slow, I have been experiencing all kinds of problems and done everything I could possibly think of to get it fixed.

    I had Windows Vista, and for some reason my game (World of Warcraft) just stopped working at some point after I had installed a 2nd Gig of RAM. (PNY PC2-5400/4200 or whatever, at 667 speed.)

    The computer originally was working off of some Memory RAM stuff, that I've never seen before. My computer has 2 slots for RAM, so naturally I checked the specc's online and I saw that I could install more RAM. So I installed the RAM doing all the normal things I know to do, laying the computer on its side, touching the sides, etc. etc.

    The computer just about had a heart attack (I run a HP Pavilion a1419h by the way, I've upgraded it with a real nice video card and some more RAM, now two PNY's 1gb sticks by the way.) it shut off and turned itself back on, made the screen go all crazy and such. I took the old RAM out, put the new RAM in it's slot, kept it at the 1gb for a day, and went out and bought another stick of the PNY talking to a few people thinking that was the problem.

    It seemed to run just fine after a few hiccups when I put the new RAM in, so I started up World of Warcraft and got about 10 seconds into the game when it shut down to some C: error. I ignored and started it again, and I am stubborn, so this happend quite a few times.

    I gave up, and after talking with everyone I know trying to figure out the problem, I figured the only thing to do was to get rid of Vista (The computer originally came with XP btw) and go back to XP. But I no longer had the XP discs when I decided to do this, so I went out and *bought* a brand new (omg, XP > Vista!) XP Home Edition.

    I came back home with my bud, and popped in the disc, and wrote XP over the existing Partition.

    As it was finishing installing XP, it came up with an error almost exactly like this (one of my friends more knowledgeable than I has the exact error code written down) C:/Windows/system32/dllcache/fp4autl.dll is corrupt... etc.

    I didn't know what to do, and I talked to a buddy that told me about putting his external hard-drive to mine and switching some files or something. Well long in the short of it, it's been a few days since he said this, and I went with trying everything one more time on my own, after downloading Regcure, and Mcafee which came with my new Comcast account and all kindsa Ad-Aware and Spy-bot stuff, trying to figure out what's up, I've spent days losing sleep trying to figure out my problem, because without my computer I feel lost.

    So finally last night, I decide hmmm let me load the disc and try the repair. I get into the repair and I have no idea what to do so I ask help and it tells me a few commands and I'm not a ******* so I figured it out, and ran chkdsk /p and then chkdsk /r after it found some errors.

    It then came up with some new errors before it even got to installation: SFCFILES.DLL and MSHTML.TLB are corrupt (separately) and not copied from the HD correctly or something... I hit retry and this seemed to fix that.

    Then when it was just about done installing (I thought I was home-free) it came up with C:/Windows/system32/dllcache/moviemk.exe is corrupt... etc. etc...

    I just about cried, and then when I tried to install my video card drivers, it gave me the same errors as when I was trying to install World of Warcraft, something about C:/ such and such, and being corrupt or whatever.

    I've got my buddy coming over tonight, he said he was gonna mess around in the BIOS, but should I just use the new Hard-drive I just bought? Or is this some easily fixable issue that he might know of that I am just an ***** on, and I should return this Hard-drive that I just bought?

    Help would be much appreciated!
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    Hello, Astion, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

    Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible :)

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    Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

    With regards to your problem, I must say that's a very detailed first post :D

    I think it would be best to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows, because you said that you wrote straight over the existing partition. See this tutorial: How to reformat your hard drive and install/reinstall Windows
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