I need someone to help me with micro atx powersupply

By slient
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Hi. I need a power supply that would work with my NVIDIA G-Force 6600 graphics card. I have a mid tower case. My graphics card requires 300 watt supply. Right now I have a 294.5 watt supply. The dimensions of that supply are as follows... 6.5 width, 4 length, 3.5 height.(INCHES) I need a supply that is close to those dimensions. I am having bad luck because i bought one micro atx but it didnt have this 3 prong conector thing that plugs in to my motherboard along side the bigger plugin. i think it has't to do with the fan on the motherboard because when i started my pc up wiht it. it said that the fan was running adnormaly. soo.. i need a micro atx that has more then 300watts with the 3 prong connector thing. HELP PLEASE! :)
  2. Tedster

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    You'll need a power supply that can provide 300W sustained power. A power supply rated 300W in actuality doesn't supply 300W. It's usually a lot less. A lot of power gets wasted through heat loss. So look to get a PS rated around 400W or better.
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