I need to figure out why a MIDI input would lag on the sound output to the PC speaker

By alsawul8r
Jan 21, 2005
  1. A good friend 'O mine has an Alesis QS-8 keyboard hooked into his PC so he can ear train and learn to read music better. He complains that when he hits the keys, the sound is slow to come out of the speakers. Needless to say, this really screws up his timing and tempo. Is there a way to allocate some RAM to the soundcard or maybe the Microsoft GS wavetable?
    I have looked in the device manager and found no options. I'm sure he has a good soundcard and processor. I'm thinking that theres a setting I have overlooked? Please, if you can help, he would sure appreciate it. He's so frustrated with it. I have even looked into maybe Increasing the page file size bit i'm not sure if that will help. I'll leave my AIM on.
    AIM name is ou8i8uo. Thanx.
  2. alsawul8r

    alsawul8r TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, I got It figured out, thanx, I guess...

    I figured it out, It was just a mal-adjusted setting.
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