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I need your opinion / hint to get a new MoBo (to replace my current damaged one).

By franklogus
Dec 28, 2004
  1. Hi all !

    Few days ago, I had a problem with my back-up PC (it do not more complete the POST, and only make long beeps), and the technician who checked it said that the problem is in my current MoBo (Asus P4SDX). As it is (thanks God!) within the warranty time, I will RMA it.

    However, the specific model of my current MoBo is not much common (it's difficult to find it; at least here, in Brazil); so, I think that I will need to choose another model (from this same brand - ASUS or from any other brand).

    As I am not an expert in these matters (far from this), I would like some hints/tips about Brands/Models of MoBos which could fit well in my current spec...

    My back-up PC basic spec is:

    - Processor: P4 2.8 533 MHz

    - MoBo (socket 478): Asus P4SDX (damaged - to be replaced)

    - RAM: 1.024 MB DDR 333 (Kingston Value Ram) - 04 sticks of 256 MB each one.

    - Gigabyte Radeon 9600 XT

    - 02 HDDs: 01 Maxtor 120 GB, 7200 rpm, ATA-133 + 01 Seagate 40 GB, 7200 rpm, ATA-100

    - OS: Win XP PRO SP1.

    Well, the pre-conditions that I would like to see in my next Mobo is stability and reliability. So, I think its very important to hear who has experience with determinated brand/model and do not have continuous issues...

    In addition, it would be necessary that the MoBo would have 04 slots (I will fill all them), and that it support DDR 333 PC 2700 & AGP 8X.

    As it is my "back-up" PC, I do not need one model of MoBo which rich features...

    Well, that's it... I hope somebody here can help me suggesting options, no matter what brand / model...

    Thanks in advance for any help !
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,554

    what mobo u should get

    well im relativeley new to this membership but i have been a technician for years, and in my 6 years' experience working with modern systems Intel has been the best mobo maker, followed by Gigabyte. An Intel D865PE board, with any options you want, would be your best option. they are currently inexpensive, but as Toms Hardware guide said, very well designed and built. the performance excels that of competetor's products, and it can overpower the expensive 875 series. it was also the last intel board to have a genuine raid controller on it. here in chicago it is listed for around 100 us dollars, 120 when i bought it in sept. 2003. it is also the last line of chipsets that will support your current CPU. rival products from Gigabyte are rumored to have equal performance and reliability, but gigabyte has a history of cheating on benchmarks and selling you a deliberately overclocked system unbeknownst to you. i have said intel board with all the features and am very, very pleased with it's performance and reliability. especially good is it's audio, IEEE 1394, and ram support.
  3. franklogus

    franklogus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Thanks for your reply, zephead.
    I will strongly consider your opinion in my choice; and I will begin to do a research about the current prices (here in Brazil) of the Intel D865PE Board.
    The main problem here, in my country, is that hardware has a heavy taxation, mainly when it is related to First Line Brands... It's very common we pay, here, around 50% to 70% more expensive than in USA; for instance, what You pay there US$ 100,00, I will pay, normally, the equivalent to US$ 150,00 - US$ 170,00 (converting to my local money)... So, here, COST is a critic detail when we buy PC components...
    Thanks a lot again for your attention with me and your explanations, zephead !
    Any additional hint will be very appreciated !
  4. dbx2r

    dbx2r TS Rookie

    Same opinion from Bolivia...Intel is just inaccessible sometimes. Price DOES cost around this places. You got a couple choices, but I can't think of a Motherboad with 4 DDR slots among what now i keep in mind...so this could be your hint to llok for one.

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