I no longer hear voices, only background sounds

First Go to Spearkers Option to the right Bottom Corner of your Computer....Then go to Mixer ans then Double click on Speakers.....4Tabs fo to Enhancement n Uncheck Voice Cancellation....Solution was by Guest and it worked for me...!!!!!!
please do not listen to any solution which says the you have to bent the jack or adjust till the voice gets OK....!!! it will only damage your Headphone...it damaged my 2 Headphones....it just has the temporary Solution.
HI I have a similar problem. My headset mutes voices but not music. I have tried other headsets and they work but my mic ones dont work on any device. Please can I have help.
If you have the same problem put your headphones in but just before it is all in leave it. There is 3 lines and put it on the third. good luck