I plug in a jump drive and my usb mouse stops working

By uber_beetle
Dec 9, 2006
  1. My machine developed a new issue a couple weeks ago. It may be related to trying out some third party iPod software. I'm leaning towards corrupted drivers.... somewhere.

    1) I plug in a usb jump drive and my usb mouse stops working. This is regardless of what port I'm plugged into.
    2) I plug in my iPod, the mouse works fine, the iPod is recognized but it will not charge.
    3) From time to time.. my mouse will just disconnect and reconnect for no good reason other than I guess it knows that is something that will hasten it's departure to the landfill. *grr*

    Background info:
    The weekend that this started, I grabbed a program called Ephpod (for copying files off of an iPod). I installed it.. and it immediately wanted to do nasty saucy things to my iPod so I uninstalled it and got rid of it in favor of Yamipod. Yamipod doesn't need to install so I don't believe it's responsible for the trouble... but I thought I'd mention it if it helps with the diagnosis.

    Otherwise, my system is an XP SP1, with AMD 3200+ 64, 1 gig RAM, 200 gig HD, running on an ASROCK 939 Dual SataII mobo.

    Does anyone recognize these symptoms as something curable?

    Will installing XP SP2 reload or repair the files related to the USB controllers?

    Could it be some other form of spyware or something that is interfering?


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