I recently bought a PC with Ryzen 7 PRO 1700x, need help in choosing which mobo suits my needs

So, I bought a pc with a Ryzen 7 PRO 1700x cpu and with a used RX 570 4gb gpu, the gpu is still in good condition, it can still game even in high settings, what concerns me is the mobo, it came with an Biostar A320MH Pro, as we all know, A320 mobos are not good for Ryzen 7 because of poor vrm/power delivery.

Can you guys help me which mobo should I buy, I'm only gonna use this PC for gaming(PS2 Emulation too), netflix and general internet browsing only, no heavy stuff like video rendering/editing/encoding and the games that' I'm playing are open world games and rpgs like The Witcher 3, GTA V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider & AC Odyssey etc, and IIRC Ryzen PRO series CPUs are locked so no overclocking (I don't even plan to overclock it even if it was unlocked, I'll even leave the RAM at its stock speeds), I need a cheap and functional mobo, no fancy stuff, what matters is, it has a decent vrms/power delivery, is the Gigabyte B450M S2H good enough or should I buy something else? thanks


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Given your processor is three generations out of date, I really wouldn't recommend upgrading your motherboard unless you're having a specific problem now. Save your money, and upgrade your cpu and mobo together at some point in the future.