I stutter to play games. In game stutter solve?

By shortbean
Aug 7, 2006
  1. I stutter to play games. In game stutter solve?
    I stutter to play games and I don’t know why.

    Soon after BF2 dreaded criminal release of patch 1.3 an open whole for hackers with mass server crashes and CTDs for players I developed a stutter. No not me, my computer. I will play for a while than I get a sound repetition/ slur sound break followed by a sound spike again and a quiet period and than I either return to normal game play or I get booted from server.

    At first I thought it was my piece of refuse Audigy 2 ZS Gamer card. So I uninstalled it used my native A8N-SLI MB native sound (fresh install XP install) and I got no noticeable change. I loaded up with no sound at all and I got it too. I loaded Axis & Allies (crappy Atari version not the good Hasbro one) and I got the same stutter. Same with CivRome. I did a NLite minimal XP Install and got same. NLite Max Install XP and x64 install got same stutter.

    Stutter only happens in games hmmm I’ll try super pi now. Okay it’s on and CPU is usage is reading 100% and I’m seeing nothing different. Let it run 30 mins no problem.

    I 36 hour memtested my memory OCZ platinum rev2 2-2-2-5 previous with no problems once you increase the v to 2.75-2.8 range. I’m running them at 2.5-3-3-(?) can’t recall last number right now. Anyway I’ll rerun memtest all night tonight. But I didn’t have a problem previously.

    So it seems like it’s not
    1) Sound Card
    2) CPU
    3) Memory
    4) The BF2 1.3 patch as much as I wanted to blame it since they happened at the same time.

    I’m looking at
    1) Video Card it’s a 6 mth old 7800 GT not overclocked.
    2) PowerSupply an Antec 550 (I think) it tested rock stabile before even thou Tomshardware wasn’t a big lover. I forgot the program to use something like is it SpeedFan?
    3) DirectX (but 5 different installs failed to solve it)
    4) HD? WD Raptor seems fine but I’ll run a diagnostic.

    Yes SpeedFan for temps and voltage….. HMMM I see two unnamed temps in middle of page at 127C that seems hot. It’s On the nFforce2 SMBus LM75 chip address $48 & $49…………… but the desired temp says 104C and 122 max so it’s not far out of the main. But odd since I’m just running a MS Word right now.

    Assuming that is nForce4 driver and not the 2 I wonder if they got the temp right I’ll feel them later tonight. Would imply the fan failed I assume. Odd not to see the heat spread to the other components or the case thou. Okay I ran Asus Probe and it doesn’t see anything wrong but it also doesn’t report the LM75 chip that I can see.

    Additional note. Game did fine yesterday for 75-85 mins not one stutter until I got in an APC and I got instant Stutters. Maybe it’s the geometry used to draw the view…

    I’m leaning towards a Video Card Failure. I have PCmark. I can run that for video test. Anyone got another video card test suggestion?

    I’m an open book any ideas?

    I deleted this topic in gaming and moved it on advice of someone.
  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Well that's a mouthfull!

    I've seen BF2 stutter sometimes when the Internet connection is going slow. My system used to do that on my old video card, would stutter and then kick me out of the server. But my new video card solved that. And your video card is better then mine (X850 XT PE) I think.

    Since this is a fresh reload you said, did you make sure to load all the latest drivers for the video and chipset? I assume you did.
    Do the games play better if you lower all the quality settings?

    The fact that the CPU is running 100% is somewhat alarming. It probably will run like that when the game is going, but the point is, if you run out of those resources while playing, that can cause the sound and video to stutter. It's not the sound or video cards fault, it's just that there isn't enough resources to compute everything (mostly CPU).

    Can you give a rundown of your complete specs in a nice clean manor?

    Otherwise it's hard to say, yes it can very well be a malfunctioning card or board of some kind.
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