i think its a HDD connection problem

By mrp3anut
Jul 4, 2007
  1. i recently tried to build my own computer from pretty much scratch. however i was planning on using my old HDD and a couple cd drives in the new computer. The old PC was a gateway that is a year or two old the new one is running on a M2N-SLIDELUXE motherboard, AMD 5600 dual core processor, two NX7300GT video cards and a 600w ower supply.

    My probem is when i try to start the computer it flashes a couple screens one of them appears to be the motherboard screen the other is jsut black with some words at the top which something along the likes of no device detected then it goes to the windows failed to start screen where you select to start windows normally or go into safe mode etc. no mater which one i select it the screen goes black and it starts the entire process over agian.

    a friend of mine pulled the HDD out of his computer and it did pretty much the same thing mine did excedpt it got a step further and pulled up the windows xp loading screen but couldnt get any further. he put it back in his computer and it worked fine.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. SNGX1275

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    It isn't a hard drive connection problem.

    Its almost certainly a problem to do with your SLI. Make sure you've got everything set properly in the BIOS to allow for this. I'm not familiar with SLI but your problem seems to point to that rather than a hard drive issue. I guess there is a chance it could be a faulty power supply but this sounds more like a software issue.

    If you can't get it straightened out after rechecking the BIOS. Take out one of the cards and try again.

    Unless your friend has the exact same system your chances of booting XP with his drive were pretty low to begin with, even if everything in your system was working flawlessly.
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