I think its the network card, no internet, Help

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Dec 16, 2006
  1. This happend a week ago, I was playing bf2 on my pc and all of a sudden boom internet gone. My router which is very stable had all 3 green lights and my wireless pc that i am on now, had internet, like how it is now. So i go to command prompt type ipconfig, and everythnig is all 0's. So like somehow my netork card, which is a nivida nforce ethernet port on my Dfi lanparty motherboard. Just a few min ago it did the same thing. I tried uninstalling the driver though my computer device manger, and the process never goese though. I tried reinstalling my motherboard drivers with new drivers and it worked last time, now the installaion proccess fails and freezes. What can i do to get online again. Do i need to buy a pci network card, but i cant uninstall the one on my pc. Do i need to just reformat my pc. I hope there is another way, to fix this. Any help would be appreicated.

    Also too, when i go to command prompt on my wireless pc, it shows all the ip and subnet mask, then down by ethernet it says media disconnected? I'm guessing thats my wired pc.
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    Make of Router?
    Are you using onboard NIC (mobo)
    If you're unsure of what happen?
    Unplug the Router and wait 3 mins
    Reboot the PC also
    Login in back into the PC the NiC on the PC should see your network if it doesn't then use STATIC IP this will force your Router to give you internet WAN/LAN access... IPCONFIG /Release and IPCONFIG /Renew is flakey to solve wired and wireless problems.

    So if you know your Gateway IP and Subnet Mask then create a static IP for that wireless device you have. That should set things right, if not then you can remove the NIC driver then let XP re-install it.
  3. PCTechie316

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    Tried it

    I have a 2 wire router from yahoo, which I think is good. Has not given me problems, but i think its my on board nic. I might have to buy a pci one. I tried reistalling the ethernet, now it gives me a different ip. I'm gonna try to static it, but not sure how it will do.
  4. PCTechie316

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    Well i think my network nic on my mthrbrd is shot. I reformated my pc and reistalled ther drivers and it doesnt work now. I'm gonna go buy a card later on today and hope it works.
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    Don't forget to disable the onboard NIC in the BIOS or did you check to see if it was enabled? Do you see activity light? There should be amber green and orange light in the rear. Getting the PCI NIC is good and don't spend a lot of money on it. Make sure you get 10/100 card.
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