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Dec 25, 2005
  1. I'm pretty new to all this, i can get my head round my Pc and getting it to run nicely but im not too hot on wireless networking so i was hoping i could have some advice

    I currently have broadband on one of my pcs (2 Desktops, 1 XP, 1 2000 (Online), 1 Laptop,)

    I want to set up a network that will allow all 3 access to the internet as well as file sharing, and possibly sharing a printer if that isn't too difficult.

    I have looked at a couple of products that require a cat 5 connection from my current modem, but my modem only has a usb connection so im stuck as to what to do,

    Could someone help compile a shopping list of the bits I will need....


  2. jobeard

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    the setup looks like:

    modem --usb-- wireless router --- wireless connection(s) --- other systems.

    to perform the setup of the router, the instructions typically request you to
    connect the router via an ethernet cable to just one system.
    Your browser is used to configure the router by accessing a specific IP
    address, eg or something like that. immediately change the
    admin password and APPLY that change (you will likely need to login again).
    now you can setup the DHCP feature (for all connections) and the wireless setup too.

    It's best to change the SSID to something other than the default and
    leave it broadcasting to start with. Choose a WEP or WPA key and write it down!

    Apply the changes and the router should restart.

    If you use a second system (wirelessly) after this point, you should see the SSID being broadcast.
    To access it, you need to config your laptop wireless
    adaptor(s) for your SSID and WEP/WPA key from above.
    the connection should be made easily at this point.

    Once you have accessed the router wirelessly from EVERY system, go back to
    the router and STOP broadcasting the SSID and APPLY/restart the router.

    At this point File/Print sharing is exactly as if it were a wired connection,
    so you define a Shared Directory, set the ShareName, and enable File/Print
    sharing in your Firewall. FYI: If you need specific controls for the ports,
    ALLOW access all IP addresses in the range 0.255 (match the '0'
    to whatever your router address was used) to create a 'trusted subnet'
    OR specifically allow ports 139,445 from the same range.
  3. lads89

    lads89 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    so i can keep my existing modem and connect via usb to a wireless router?

    thats good news, any suggestions as to which routers would be suitable?

    should i connect both pcs wirelessly or use a cat 5 from my pc to a lan port on the router?

    and finaly PCI Or USB?

    you have been a great help, thanks
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,168   +986

    just shop carefully for a router with BOTH USB and ethernet WAN connections (ie: going TO the modem).
    the others will all be ethernet and/or the wireless connections.

    whatever is easiest. Personally, my hardware is all in the same room,
    so a wired connection is no problem and it's secured from wireless eves-dropping.
    *Maybe* once a month I wish I could take the laptop to the den,
    but I typically segregate family time from computer time, thus no wireless router.
    hum; does this suggest that NONE of your systems has wireless already and you're
    about to purchase all new networking NIC/Wireless adaptors and the router?

    If so, consider; USB is really neat for external, removable devices.
    The USB 2.0 has some good thruput, but IEEE 1394 Firewire beats it hands down.
    For a wired network, my first choice would be a good PCI ethernet NIC.
    For a laptop, I would consider a PCMICA Wireless card.
  5. lads89

    lads89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thankyou again

    after your original reply i spoke to a guy at work doing a masters in small networking or something and the numbers hes statered spewing made sense, so i have gone ahead and bought the following product

    My Kit

    i plan on connecting via cable to one pc and use the usb dongle on the other,
  6. lads89

    lads89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Brilliant.... So Far i have managed to configure the router to use my ISP account, set up the wireless sercurity and got my other pc wirelessly accessing the internet, all sweet

    the only downside is access through "limited user" accounts is CRAP i can access the internet via the wireless connection however i have to re-connect each time i logon, as well as each time the other users logon, or the connections just comes and goes and is useless and will drop if you try and access the internet

    the only way i can currently connect (and stay connected) is to go through the windows install new network wizard, which thankfully stores my SSID and WEP details however it seems a lot of hassle to do every login

    none of these problems are apparent in my "Computer Administrator" account.

    this is only on 1 pc, running xp home edition sp2
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