I would like to build a UT2004 server

By heymrdj
Mar 11, 2005
  1. What kind of components would i need for a UT2004 server. It will only be used for LAN, not internet. I'd be running 32 player ONS's you know the works. Not all at once probably. Then again amybe a mp roster of every game type running through the matches. My 2.8 P4 only uses 30% (sometimes 50% in peak) but then down to 19% usage wjen i run a 32 player ONS. I need help mainly with processor. I thought i'd run 1GB of PC2100 or 2700 memory. I'd be running a linux core. I really plan on using a intel unless i hear some extremely good facts for AMD. Thx
  2. andygibbs

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    Assuming that this is going to be a dedicated server, my recommendations would be:

    AMD athlon xp 2500
    1Gb PC3200 RAM

    Get a low spec graphics card as for a dedicated server you won't need anything special - a nvidia geforce 2 or something will be cheap and do what you need. Have you got a motherboard that you plan on using: i like features such as dual LAN (Gb LAN), maybe get one with onboard graphics since you don't need much there. Most people seem to favour AMD processors for game servers, if it was me i would go with an AMD simply because i have always had good experience with them. What sort of budget do you have?

    Do you plan on using SATA hard drives and RAID?

    Try searching 'gaming server' in the forums on this site and see what other people have done.
  3. heymrdj

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    Well those sound like some nice parts. But i am on a pretty tight buget ($300). I already have a nice 7200RPM hard drive. As for motherboard i wouldn't need anything special. Its goin to have 4 human players at most (if i don't expand it a year or two down the road) most of the time only 2 human players. The rest of the players will be bots.
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