Ibm 2162-s9c

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Dec 25, 2006
  1. I have one of these that I want to get the sound up and running again. I am wondering, what type of sound card that this will take. I will be buying it off Ebay, and they do have some good Sound Blaster 5.1's on there. I am not sure if the computer can take something like this or not. Now before you go and think I am crazy, I just want to putz around with it for awhile. I do have it hooked up to the web, but only on dial up. I was wondering also if I bought a linksys card for it, that I could network it into my other computers and laptops, that I run in the house, or will this computer not be able to handle something like this? 200 MZ MMX, 64 megs of ram, and 3 gigs of harddrive. I bought it new in 97, for 2300.00 dollars. Boy have times changed.:rolleyes:
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    Assuming it has PCI slots, a new network card should work fine. I used Netgear 100mbs card for a long time in some old 200mhz computers.

    About the sound, I'm not sure if it will even run fast enough to have playback w/o skipping, but the card should work assuming its running something like Windows 98 or NT SP6.
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    It does have windows 98 on it I am not sure if that was the one I used the sound blaster on or not, but when I did a search on the computer for sound blaster, it did come up, as did the creative eax. It says it needs some drivers to make it work, but I looked for them, and couldn't find them. Thats why I thought I would just go and replace the board. I am going to assume, without taking it out, that the sound board is the original, and maybe it did at one time have the sound blaster in it, because I remember buying one new, and putting it in a computer, I am just not sure this was the one or not. The pics on ebay, don't look like what is in there now.
  4. Nightowl

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    Can anybody tell me what a good sound card would be for this machine? I know it is almost 10 years old, but I would think there must be something out there I could try. Thanks

  5. Nightowl

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    I pulled the card, and it says crystal on the black squares that are on the board. One number is a CS9236-CL EP, and the other is a CS4237B-KQ
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