IBM Deskstar Hard Drive Problem

By Janesh
Aug 10, 2005
  1. Hi i am new to the forums so if this problem has already been mention please guide me to it thanks.The problem i have started of after my windows XP Pro SP2 crashed and so i had to restart the pc after the restart i got the usually screen you get if windows was not shut properly you get the 3 modes of safe and the last good configuration and the time counting down as soon as i choose any of the 4 options the time freeze and the no further progress is made to load up the windows.I then tried to put the hard drive in a external cabby and tried it on a shuttle and laptop, the hard drive was picked up but would not be able to access it and the speed was very slow in accessing the hard disk.I was wondering if anyone knows how i can recover the hard disk to get access to my files.I read around and seem like the drive may be dead but i think seem to be a problem of some sort as them shuttle and laptop pick up the hard disk though take very long to get the drive visible in My Computer.Please help me with any information on recovering the files and hopefully dont get the bad news of my HD being dead. Thanks in advance :suspiciou
  2. ChineseTechie

    ChineseTechie TS Rookie Posts: 85

    Did you unplug your HDD when you are at the "last good config" screen?? By the way you said it, it sounds like that's what you did. Anyway, have you tried access the HDD as a slave drive on another tower?? Instead of using a shuttle and laptop??

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