IBM T60 Password recovery

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the administrator password is stored in the security chip. there's method to decode the password, reading secure area of the TPM chip. sorry, i can't help you distantly. the only way to unlock the machine is service centre.
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think u for ur answer, but where is this sevice center, i don't know it.
think u again for ur answer.


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or call 1-866-63-THINK. Their service center, EZServe, is remarkably good.

You can also check the warranty at Of course there is no warranty repair for a password.

There is no option for repairing a board with a lost password, except to replace the motherboard, in any Thinkpad product.

There are advisors on this forum that are experts on passwords, so you might try a search, but I am not aware of anyone having success with Thinkpad password issues.

Be advised that if this laptop has been reported stolen, they may report you to local authorities.
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