IDE devices do not show up with ATA enabled

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Dec 12, 2004
  1. My problem is as follows- In BIOS I cannot have an ATA drive (serial, so it uses SCSI tech) and an IDE drive co existing. Somehow, I had it before where my ATA hard drvie was NOT a primary or secondary master/slave. It was my boot device. I messed something up and now for it to boot I must go into my BIOS and change to IDE settings to make my SATA port into a logical primary master. If this is done, then the devices on the IDE will NOT LOAD. Therefore, it is either I have a boot drive, or I have a cd rom and dvd drive, not both like it was before. I think the key lies in somehow getting back a SCSI controller or something, I dunno. Here is the background information on this topic (2 threads put into 1 with minimal editing)-
    (Guys this is a plea for help, I have no idea what else to do, and without a cd rom drive my computer is close to worthless. Please help I beg you)

    I had a mystery DVD SCSI drive. Today I figured it was useless because 1. I didnt think I had SCSI because I do not have a SCSI card and 2. Because I only have one dvd drive and I know it is not SCSI. So I uninstalled it. When I restarted, I was hit with DISK ERROR INSERT SYSTEM **** AND PRESS ENTER. Crap.... . So I open my system up, check the cable (the ATA cable for my hard drvie comes loose very easy). And restarted. Same message. Overm and over again. Ok I thought, w/e I always have a backup. So I insert my lovly Windows XP CD, hoping it will save my @$$. Of course not . I ask for a reapir, it says it cannot repair because..... IT CANNOT FIND A HARD DRIVE! So My thoughts are I really messed up, this is the end, all my info gone. My only choice left was to call Seagate tech support (I NEVER call tech support). I coulnt see my model number clearly so he guess at it based on size and operating system. I told him that it was an old drive and it doesnt work anymore. He said it could be a lot of reasons and to try windows repair. I said I did and BIOS does not recognize it. He pretty much said "You're F#%@ed". I was like damn... Then I mentioned something about ATA cables and he said he guessed the model number and had my read it to him. At the end of my model number there is a S, which means SATA. He explained to me that since I uninstalled my SCSI controller I screwed myself because the SATA needs the controller to be able to use that port or w/e. So I thought great, how in the world can I get the controller on my system when I pretty much dont even have a drive? REINSTALL WINDOWS OF COURSE. The whole time he was telling me this I was messing around with spare parts from my other computer trying to see maybe if I could boot this sytem with my old hard drive by putting it on primary slave config with an IDE cable. The BIOS from the old drvie loaded, but I guess my Windows was corrupted because all I got were CANNOT FIND FILE errors and it was not able to boot Windows (98 SE). At this point I pretty much had given up and was ready to reinstall Windows ( I would have been the saddest person in the world They dont kid around when they tell you to backup your data) . So I took out the old drive and restarted my system ready to reinstall, but then out of no where my drive deicided to boot! MIRACLE!!!!!!! The tech support guy was like huh? ***? And so was I. I couldnt belive it. after the initial excitment and hanging up with him I realized that there had to be a reason for this, and now I am too afraid to turn my computer off. First thing I did of course was came here. So if you guys dont mind helping heres the problems/questions I have-

    1. After restarting there is no CDROM device listed in My Computer list. I never touched the CD rom/ DVD IDE cable and the DVD drive shows so I have no clue whats going on? I did however leave the primary slave IDE cable in the second IDE slot but nothing is connected to it. Thta have anything to do with it? Please help me get my CD rom back

    2. How in the world did it suddenly decide to work? I mean my first guess was that SOMEHOW my old drive copied the SCSI controllers to the newer drive. Very farfetched and I'm pretty sure impossible. I did mess around in BIOS but I dont remember what I did..

    3. Since the above guess is almost definilty wrong I am now thinking I might have disabled my CD rom drive and in its place ENABLED my hard drive. this seems like a possible explanation but still why did it decide to work? Is that even possible putting my BOOT hard drive in a primary slave position? Espessaly since it is an ATA and for that to be the case it would be secondary master or w/e (on ATA) and then the DVD would be the secondary slave. This still does not explain where the controllers came from all of a sudden.

    All I know is I checked BIOS and it says my primary master on IDE is my hard drive.. I dont know how this is, because my hard drive uses an SATA cable. No other IDE devices are seen in the BIOS but when Windows loads it shows my DVD (which is in the primary slave position) in my computer. It is all so confusing. Why would my CD roms not show up but my dvd drive does? Why dont either of them show in BIOS? And finnaly why is it saying my hard drive is connected via IDE when it is an SATA. Tons of headaches... Anyway heres a pic of my hardware or w/e. There is supposed to be 2 other entries in there. Theres supposed to be a DVD drive thing and a CD rom drive thing. That SCSI thing that is there now is what I uninstalled before because I had no clue what it was.. Uninstalling that is what started this, and now it is back...

    Ok found out that the DVD drive listedd there is not my normal DVD drive, but the one i uninstalled before. That makes more sense, since now I know that the system is not picking up any devided on the primary IDE cable. Any help?

    Well guys thanks for the help so far, but nothign has really worked for me. I did mess around in the BIOS and I know the problem. In my IDE settings there is an option to make ATA a logical primary. When I turn it on auto, the system boots my hard drive as my primary master and no devices on my IDE primary cable boot. When I disable it my CD rom and my DVD boot but I get no hard drive. Somehow I need to have them both >_<

    I think I might have confused some of you so if you have questions ask. Please help me though. I really do not want to shut down at this point. Thanks a BUNCH ahead of time.
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    5 bucks via paypal to whoever gives a working solution? =/
  3. innominate

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    horay! fixed. Problem was that the Cd rom devices were on the SECONDARY IDE, not the primary. Once I found that out all I had to do was enable ATA as my primary master. No wonder it didnt work before, cant have 2 secondary masters =D
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    Drive #2 - NVIDIA STRIPE 298.02G (298 GB)does not show an icon in the my computer
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    Yay you win $5 lol.
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