IDE Problems?

By compunoob
Oct 13, 2007
  1. Well, i baught a new motherboard (Gigabyte) today with a AMD Athlon 64 x2 4000+ Processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM, at first i just hooked everything up, and then realised the motherboard has no onboard graphics, so i got hold of a cheap graphics card for now, but now when i start up my computer i get some annoying errors saying that windows is corrupt, and says it is missing files. However i cannot reinstall because the motherboard does not recognize any IDE Devices, depite the fact that i have tried every possible connection. (Flipped the IDE Cable round) This motherboard only has one IDE slot on it. And i just want to run 1x DVD/RW and 1xHDD, i've checked the jumper settings, and it is set so the HDD is master and the optical drive is slave, however when i run my computer with win xp disk, it now says cannot read boot disk or something...So i have no chance of re-installing to fix the missing files. I've heard alot about resetting IDE files or CMOS But i have no idea how or even what they are...I have cheked in the BIOS and it says <None> To both master and slave, is there a certain way to go about hooking up an optical drive and a HDD drive with one IDE Cable, baring in mind that i have tried everything i can think of. Including setting the colored middle slot on the IDE cable in the motherboard the black in the master and grey in the slave. Please help, thanks.
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    1. you CANNOT resuse windows with a new motherboard. You must reformat and reinstall windows.
    2. If you cannot are are unable to do that, then you need to troubleshoot.
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