IE slows/stops working

By hollywood77
Feb 1, 2006
  1. Hey everyone, here is my problem. I have a 4 month old computer with xp home and IE 6 and it has always had this problem, but it's been worse lately. I will be searching around the internet for 5 or 10 minutes and all of a sudden it will first slow down, and then won't open new windows or do new searches. I'll close IE then try to open it up again and it usually still won't work. at this point I erase cookies, clear files, and try again. Sometimes this works but mostly it doesn't. Usually I will log off, go into another user account, open IE, log off, go back into my account open IE and then it will work again. Lately I've tried opening other apps and that sometimes works. I have adaware and spybot, and those are usually clean when searching for spyware. Also, I have zonealarm-pro and i just bought 2006 norton yesterday thinking that would clear up any viruses, but it is still doing it today just as bad as ever. What could be the prob? Is it my settings? Thanks for any help.
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    I would need to know the specs of your pc and the type of internet you are using? I would more than glad to help you.
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    I had this problem. In my case, it was a resource hogger - adobea.exe or something. I let Windows Firewall allow it thinking it was Adobe Acrobat which I had opened at the time!

    Spybot should have picked it up. If you disable it from msconfig (startup tab) or delete the registry item in the "run" key, that will stop it. Check the startup tab for any programs that don't look familiar.

    While connected to the internet try this:
    START -> RUN -> "cmd" (without quotes)
    type "netstat -no" (again without quotes) and it will list what is using your connections under PID (process ID). If the same PID is mentioned more than a couple of times, that could be the problem. Open task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and under processes look for the PID that is listed more than a couple of times. (If PID is not visible in task manager, then click View -> columns and enable it). Find the matching app and try close it and see if the internet works any better.

    Not sure if that is the problem, just the problem I had and how I fixed it. Hope it helps in someway :)
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