IE6.0sp1 reinstalld without MSJVM? No NetAgent Java Customer Client

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May 23, 2005
  1. Had to reinstall MSIE 6.0 when my repair files were corrupted, but when I had rebuilt the app, there is no MSJVM--found this out when I tried to use an online or eChat function with my ISP--
    Got an install window for JVM opening, however clicking it took me to a new Microsoft page notifying me MSIE is no longer including the MSJVM as part of a settlement with Sun about the SunJava suite, and to install another JAVA function, like Sun Java.
    So I installed Sun Java 5, as they name it, or 1.5.02 and it works with my other browsers, but has no NetAgent Customer Client functionality, and I can't find anyplace at MS or otherwhere to dld and reinstall the MSJVM. ...
    ...When I submitted a report to MS Windows update about the lost functionality they agreed the MSJVM needed to be reinstalled, but did not provide a URL for it?
    ... Has anyone else run into this snafu? Any solutions for the reinstallation of the "old" MSJVM or a way to add NetAgent Java Customer Client?
    ... Thanks for any and all suggestions--pounding my head on the trees I may be to close to the trunk to see the forest?
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    Welcome to Techspot!
    According to Microsoft ,Windows upate should find and install what you need .
    I spent some time at Sun java site and I needed one download from them to get XP sp2 working.
    If you can get things working without actually installiing MSJVM it will be better for you in the long run.
  3. hgdingman

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    MSJVM.EXE from old AOL disk

    I got in the same jam, and now MS does not have the download available. I found MSJVM setup on an old AOL-7.0 install disk, and it solved the problems.

    I knew there was some use for AOL disks, it just took 15 years to find out what it was...


  4. RealBlackStuff

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  5. GoAvalanche

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    You can dl j2se from, it works.
  6. hgdingman

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    But the Sun version is missing some of the MS sandbox libraries, so older java written on MS gets errors on Sun. Sandbox libraries - read that as "Security holes" but it's a way to get old java apps to run.

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