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Mar 8, 2002
  1. help pls.....
    i have upgraded to ie6 , but i dont know how to change the maximum concurrent connections to web servers in the registry. i have the instructions for ie5, but the reg keys that were in ie5 are not in ie6, i backed up my registry and put them in anyway but this has not done the trick, i can still only have 2 downloads coming from the 1 web site at a time :( this is very frustrating, is there any1 out there who can help?
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    Never underestimate the power of

    I believe I have what you seek..... I just hope it works because it says "Internet Explorer 6 for XP" but we'll see:;en-us;Q282402

    So you have to say New DWORD value, and then enter the name of the value and then click on the new value and enter the 0000000a which should be hex value.

    Hope this works for you.... It seems to be working for me...
  3. BigOldOakTree

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    cheers m8, i shoulda mentioned i am running windows 2k,

    for any1 else who wants to do this and they are running win2k,

    the reg keys do not exist in win2k, but if u add them anyway and give them the values stated in the post above then it will can now download about 10 files from the same server at the same time :D
  4. Phantasm66

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    Oh, and incidently, in HEX, 0000000a means 10.

    If you convert the number of downloads you would like to limit IE to from decimal into hex, you can replace this value with whatever you like.

    Or you could, of course, learn to count in hex. But then you're chances of getting a girlfriend will diminish. ;)

    10 should be enough, though.... eh??? ;)
  5. mnosteele52

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    Download Cablenut you can configure these settings and EVERY setting that optimizes your connection.:)
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