IE7 problems after uninstalling Norton.

By chajun
Jan 4, 2007
  1. Hello a newboy here and a novice.

    Recently installed Norton Internet security 2007. It made my Toshiba Equium laptop slowwwdown so uninstalled it. When I went to use my Internet Explorer 7 would it not activate unles I went into system tools and used the IE7 without addons. Went through the "manage Addons " section and eliminated any reference to Noton. Lo and behold it was back as normal. I have another oddity devloped since then which is when I want to put the laptop into hibernation can't do it. Have altered settings to the "ask me what to mode " i.e Hbernate, Standby. Shutdown, Restart. only Shutdown or restart seem to work.Went to the store where I purchased my laptop from this moning. They didn't have a clue only restore the entire system!!!!!!!!!

    Can anybody help me Pleaseeeeee.

    Belated Happy New Year
  2. darkan9el

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    Norton has become bloatware and ivyware, it gets into every nook and cranny, consequently when one removes it or tries to remove it, it can take some bit away with it or leave bits behind. Another issue with the PCworld type laptops is the lack of uninstallers for some programs, this makes it difficult to remove... but not impossible.

    I use a program called JV16 to clean the registry, I always make a recovery point prior to a program install, I use 'Your uninstaller' to remove programs and ccleaner to remove the temp files etc

    Have you checked your BIOS for updates etc?

    You might want to check this out too:
  3. Ritwik7

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    U could try using Regcure or another free registry cleaner. It should help.
    I also agree with darkan9el : Very essential 2 create a restore point before installing any new software.
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