"iexplore.exe"...why will it not stop running?

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Dec 27, 2007
  1. I have/had a lil issue and I wanted to bring it everyones attention to see if anyone might be able to shed some light onto the subject. I was having an issue with "iexplore.exe" running all the time even though I STRICTLY use Firefox. Even when I closed it, it would restart itself. It did not appear under MSCONFIG in the Startup, it was under my username and not SYSTEM on the Task Manager. I did the following...

    1. Turned Off System Restore/Updated Symantec Definitions/Ran A Full System Scan...NOTHING!
    2. Ran Lavasoft Ad-Aware/Updated Definitions/Ran Full System Scan...NOTHING!
    3. Ran CCleaner/Fixed All Software and Registry Issues...NOTHING
    4. Download Windows Defender/Updated Definitions/Ran Full System Scan...NOTHING!

    In the mean time while I am doing this I am having to constantly close "iexplore.exe". Then I decided to get the newest beta version of HiJackThis v2.0 and run that for a systems report and for some weird reason, when I just simply run it...the "iexplore.exe" disappears from my task manager, does not show up in the HiJackThis report and does not appear again until I restart my machine.

    Now I have searched the internet high and low and I am unable to find a definitive answer to this. I keep hearing its this Randex Worm, or its spyware, or it’s a system conflict and none of the fixes have benefited me at all. I am just looking to see if someone can shed some light on this and possibly make it stop running! I have attached a copy of my scan for viewing in case I overlooked something. Any assistance anyone can provide me will be greatly appreciated!

  2. theorist80

    theorist80 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay well I went through some of the other pages that were kinda related to this and I followed that rather extensive and long line of software installs and scans and such. And on the final scan, I restarted from Safe Mode and when it booted up, iexplore.exe was no longer running. I went through all the scans and I cant see where anything pertinent was removed but it did fix the problem as of right now. I will keep update of any changes.
  3. trodas

    trodas TS Member Posts: 29

    Obviously because you did not deleted the executable and removed the IE completely from your machine, you get infected ;)

    Congratulations to the fix, I wish it was always that simple :D
  4. theorist80

    theorist80 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    that was the thing...i did uninstall it and remove all remnants of Internet Explorer and then all of a sudden i had a Internet Explorer folder in my Program Files which wasn't there before and the iexplore.exe was running...thats why it was throwing me off so bad.
  5. trodas

    trodas TS Member Posts: 29

    Now THAT whould probably throw me off my bed as well.
    Perhaps you should try some more hardcore removal, then? I saw a guide about removing most of the DLL and stuff from Win2k, and I would almost bet that it is almost the same in XP. I do prefer W2k for security, tough. It never failed me once, while XP is usualy much more sensitive.

    Perhaps it is only because XP are common, so nobody realy support W2k hacking? :) Or perhaps I optimize them so mercilessly?

    PS. Warning! Removing all IE DLLs can cause some problems too. For example, if you want to use the much better alternative to MSN messenger, you have to install the OpenSLL library (copy works fine too), as you are about to kill the dlls that are responsible for SSL connection OS support, required for MSN - among many others. Thank to M$ for that BS, not me...
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