If I have two gig memory should I still move swap files from c to another partition

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Feb 20, 2005
  1. I have a 250 gig hardrive and I have 10 gig c drive and three partions inside of an extended partition , I plan to move my swap files / paging file out of the c drive and into the 25 gig f partition , but I am wondering if its necessary to do this if I have two gig of memory , and if I have my swap files on the back end of my hardrive won't that slow things down and have the opposite effect of what I want , which is a fast computer ?
    Thanks to all in advance
  2. Nodsu

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    You will not notice the slowness of your swapfile unless you ae one of those people who sit next to the computer with a millisecond stopwatch and think that losing .01% in a benchmark is a disaster.
  3. chucky001

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    if I have two gig memory

    Thank You very much for your help Nodsu
  4. chucky001

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    Thank You Nodsu , for your help with my question
  5. Blakhart

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    If you place a swapfile on each physical drive, you might find the box more responsive. Don't put swap on different partitions of the same disk, only on separate disks.

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    How do you move swap file / paging file from one location to another? @_@ sorry newbie question.
  7. Blakhart

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    In xp, right click on the my computer icon, then head to advanced/performance/advanced. At the bottom of advanced, notice virtual memory, select the change button, then select the drive(s) you want to place a swap on. Then set the swap to system managed or custom. If custom, make it say 1/2 the amount of total ram in your system. That is, if you have 3 drives. The total swap should be 1.5 to 2 times the ram in the system. Make sure you hit "set" after each drive is set up with a swap. No changes will take place unless you hit set after each choice. I usualy do this just after formating the drive the swap is to be installed on. I also use custom size, the min and max being the same. As an example: min=768, max=768. If you always have more than enough swap set staticly, you won't have any probs.
  8. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Why multiple partitions? It won't speed it up. It's not like RAID0. Pagefiles are used one by one.
  9. Blakhart

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    Don't use pagefiles on multiple partitions on the same drive, just separate physical drives, one swap per physical drive.
    Having swap on each physical drive in a system gives you more swap bandwidth, and swap reads and writes can occur simultaneously, IF you have swaps on different ide channels, or different scsi drives/channels. Scsi can read and write at the same time on the same channel.
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