If you have trouble with Grub

By mgear
Nov 21, 2007
  1. If you have trouble with Grub not letting you boot windows or it is just not working download THIS!!!And burn it to a Cd and use it as a bootdisk then follow the instructions.The instructions are on the SGrub webpage.I know this works because I deleted the partition of Debian on my laptop and next thing you know BOOM windows will not boot.What ever you do "DO not waste money on a Computer Repair Shop,Do your research first."Don't be :mad: be :D .
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    Bookmarked, thanks for this. :D
  3. You can fix this easily with the Windows 2K/XP/Vista recovery console. Just boot from the CD, go to the recovery console and enter "fixmbr" then, to be on the safe side, "fixboot". Reboot, remove the CD and Grub should be no more. You can then go back into Windows and remove the Linux ext3 and swap partitions from the logical disc manager and reformat them as NTFS.
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