Iiyama Prolite E435s Problem

By monkeymichael · 21 replies
Apr 22, 2006
  1. Hi

    I recently bought this monitor, and the picture is terrible. Everything has been connected correctly but the picture quality is either too blue or just bad quality in general. I have tried resetting the settings but that doesn't help, could somebody please give me an idea as to what the problem could be, or does anybody know what settings would be preferable?

    Many Thanks

  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    "too blue" as in "everything is horribly blue" or "the white is blueish"? "bad quality in general" is not much of an explanation either. Maybe take some pictures?

    If it's the first, then you have a problem with the VGA cable or the plugs. If it is the second, then you should adjust the colour temperature in your monitor menus. Older monitors don't have the setting.
  3. monkeymichael

    monkeymichael TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've resetted the monitor and played around with the colour temperature for a few days now but i can't get the original picture quality that I had before, do you have any recomendations as to what the colour temperature should be because right now I have:

    Colour Temperature: User, Red:100, Green: 100, Blue:50
    Gamma: Mode 2 (which is quite Dark)

    I don't know what else to do I have been playing with these settings for a few days.
  4. hamisha

    hamisha TS Rookie

    Hi Monkeymichael.

    I've got exactly the same problem. Even more wierdly, when I press the "Auto/Exit" button, in order to get the right size screen etc, the correct colours reappear. However, it all goes back to being a faded bluish colour .

    Did you ever manage to solve it? If not, does anyone else have any tips?

    Cheers, Hamish
  5. rdutton

    rdutton TS Rookie


    I have exactly the same issue. Whilst it goes through the auto-setup, it looks great. Then it switches to washed-out / too-bright / no contrast mode. Manual adjustment can make it look marginally better but nothing like it should be. If I could 'freeze' what it looks like in auto-setup it would be fine.

    I bought this monitor as a supplement to a 20" Iiyama monitor I already had. This one is very sub-standard in comparison, its as if they came out of different factories.

    If I could send it back I would, but I brought it back to Australia from the UK.

  6. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Do you have some "default" or "factory" choice in the menus to reset everything? Maybe the thing has been screwed up with some settings you can't find?
  7. hamisha

    hamisha TS Rookie

    Thanks - useful to know mine is not the only one.

    And there is a reset button - puts the settings back but doesn't solve the problem. As Ryan says, by adjusting the settings, you can get it a bit less annoying: the reset button puts it back to full annoying washed out look.

    The weird thing is mine used to work fine, then I went away for 7 months, came back, and it didn't work anymore. I've ordered a new monitor cable and I'll let you know if that does it. Has anyone contacted Iiyama - if they have lots that do this, then they may have a solution?
  8. Hodgie

    Hodgie TS Rookie

    hamisha/rdutton, i too am having the same problem. I've had my monitor now for about 3 years or so and love it but every so often it seams to automatically change some or all of the settings. In the past i've issues with the phase and clock settings but thats always been easy to solve. The the colour temperature started to change automatically and now its doing as you describe above and no matter what i try i cant get it to go back to the normal settings, although as you decribe when i press auto it looks spot on then it goes back to the same washed out colour. Whats even more annoying is that i have 2 monitors (different makes) next to each other and one is fine which messes with your eyes a bit. The area that i live in sometimes has problems with electric supply as the over head cables on the top of the valley keep getting blown down and stuff and i've noticed that the problems seam to coincide with the power outages. When the most recent one happend it was late at night so i just went to bed but i woke up in the morning to find the monitor cycling through loads of different colours, By this i mean that the entire screen was one colour even though there was no input form the computer so normally it would go into standby mode but it didn't. Has anybody else noticed the same problem?
  9. hamisha

    hamisha TS Rookie

    Hi Hodgie,

    I too have the same strange colour cycling issue, normally after I plug the power in after having it unplugged for a few days. It is rather strange and I don't remember it happening before. The only way I've found to stop the colour cycling is to unplug the power or plug in the monitor cable.

    From your description, it sounds like your blue-fade comes and goes. Is that correct? My is stuck in the annoying blue-fade state. If yours does go back to normal, is there any sort of standard length of time after which it goes back to normal or any other helpful info?

    Also, I have now tried using a new cable and, as I suspected, there is no difference from the previous cable.

    Ta, Hamish
  10. Hodgie

    Hodgie TS Rookie

    Initially i was able to get it back to normal but now its just the washed out blue colour all teh time and has been for about 2 months now. Cant get rid of it no matter what i do. Is a bit annoying.
  11. numbnutjas

    numbnutjas TS Rookie

    I have the answer!!!!

    I had the same problem along with lots of others who bought this great prolite monitor.

    Whenever you turn the power off for more than five seconds the monitor looses an important bit of info of a hidden menu. Iilyama are not keen on publicizing the fact their monitor has a bug!

    Follow these steps very carefully, it might not work the first time but it does work I promise.

    Make sure that the moniter power button is off.

    Unplug monitor from mains ( the auto exit button should flash red after about five seconds and you hear a popping sound.)

    plug monitor back in mains.

    hold down + and - on the monitor

    now hold down power button on monitor

    let go of power when power button when the green led lights up

    let go of + and - buttons

    wait a few seconds and a hidden menu will appear in the top right

    use the + and - buttons to move the hilighted option over the auto colour option in the menu
    push the menu button.


    It does work, but if you have any problems: email at : miamoo2038 at hotmail dot co dot uk
  12. numbnutjas

    numbnutjas TS Rookie


  13. Hodgie

    Hodgie TS Rookie

    mate thanks alot. to be honest i was convinced that you were having me on when i first tried it but then i realised i wasn't following your instructions correctly!! I'm so glad to have my monitor back working properly after so long!!
  14. IMac

    IMac TS Rookie

    Fantastic. The number of hours I've spent trying to get an acceptable picture and finally I have it.

    Thank you.
  15. hamisha

    hamisha TS Rookie

    That's brilliant - well done!
  16. mrflib

    mrflib TS Rookie

    I registered on these forums just to say a huge THANK YOU! Two years of messing around with colour profiles has finally come to an end. HERO!
  17. koshman

    koshman TS Rookie

    thank you, Thank you, THANK YOUUUUUU !!!!!!
  18. purplerainman

    purplerainman TS Rookie

    thanks sorted my problem. been looking for ages, thanks again
  19. GyroGearloose

    GyroGearloose TS Rookie

    Hi Numbnutjas,
    You have saved our day. The monitor colours are fine, now.
  20. manolo79

    manolo79 TS Rookie

    @numbnutjas: thank you so much! The monitor it`s working perfectly again! I had this problem for over 2 years! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! ( I also just registered for saying that!) :)
  21. golüschmick

    golüschmick TS Rookie

    Hi numbnutjas

    It's the same for me: I registered just to say thank you for this hint. The monitor would haven been unusable without this!

    For anyone else going through this thread: Use the instructions in numbnutjas's second post titled "revised" - these are the correct ones.

  22. londondaz

    londondaz TS Rookie


    have registerd on this site to say a ##big ## thank Q.!!

    I bought a pair of these spares repairs for about £15 as were known red and green issues.

    I knew that the shere fact they worked and that they are lcd not old school crt meant something couldn't be right and total reset has pull back original colours.

    thank Q once again for the back door saw all the other stuff there but worked for me fist time

    London Daz
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