Ikea and Asus' ROG furniture is now available in China


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Recap: Remember last year's announcement that Ikea was joining forces with Asus to create affordable furniture aimed at gamers? The first wave of these products has dropped in China, and it includes some very snazzy pieces.

In September, we heard that the first products from Asus' Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand and the Swedish furniture giant's partnership would initially launch in China early in 2021. As promised, the sensibly priced items are now available in the country.

One of the most interesting and expensive offerings is a gaming desk (top) that features motorized height adjustments, allowing users to select the optimal position and save four pre-set heights. Reaching a maximum of 47 inches from table to floor, this 3,999 Yuan (~$618) piece of furniture can be used as a standing desk.

For those after a more traditional, cheaper ($92) option, the Utespelare gaming desk (above) has six adjustable height settings and a metal mesh at the rear for improved heat dissipation.

Elsewhere, there's a $12 computer tower stand with castors for moving around those giant rigs, and the $154 gaming chair looks quite nice while being cheaper than most similar products.

Ikea is also offering a stylish $15 headset cradle, a $30 pegboard for holding all your accessories, and a convenient $7.50 mug stand that locks onto a desk, preventing any scalding spills.

Make sure to check out the $23 "Multi-functional cushion/blanket," which seems to combine a cushion, blanket, and onesie into one item, letting gamers keep their all-important hands warm during loading screens and lengthy cutscenes.

The Asus ROG furniture will hit "other Ikea markets" starting this October.

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Would have to disagree with “very snazzy”, this is just regular Ikea furniture but painted red and black to appeal to 12 year old gAmErz. Would be nice to see some gaming orientated stuff that doesn’t look like it’s a rejected prop from a Michael Bay film.


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I agree, I don't see it as particularly great looking, but it could very be well be functional and solid at an affordable price, which is a good combo in my book.


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I have a chair like that. It was killing my back so I keep it around just for guests. (edit: the chair in first picture, not the other ones)