I'm almost out of options........(for free AV)...

By captaincranky
Feb 9, 2008
  1. I just built a new computer, (which makes 4). One I don't connect to the internet. The OEM Macafee is expired. (long story, moving on). My beloved Emachines T-5026 has AVG free installed. (Yes, that's right, I said "beloved"). A home built Celeron box has Avast installed. I just finished a little Matx Pentium Dual core (2200) P31 which now needs an AV app. So, Should I try the Avira free? Transfer the avast license? I'd really like to run the AVG free, but they;ll only say no, (I think).
    Opinions? Don't be shy....
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    Yikes! I am an AVG scoundrel (this site does not allow the utterance of the P-word). One interpretation of the License amounts to one user & one computer, notwithstanding..... Thanks for the tip. I'll go straight, now.

    I have no recommendation. I use CNET for a survey of what is out there. Then I'll monitor this thread/forum for more ideas.

    In the past for my 3 computers, cross-product rebates often dropped the cost to the amount of taxes paid, when purchased from a big box retailer. At Christmas-time, I took a pass on the AVG suite ($10 after cross-rebates). If I had only known then, what I know now!
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