I'm being kicked off thye severs, for high ping and for team killing, its not true.

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May 23, 2007
  1. I have only just bought the game i've never played it befor and i have been kicked off about 3 servers for team killing but i don't even get to move a foot or fire a single shot, is it possible ive been hacked and also i get told my ping is too high from about 4 servers and each time its different levels, between 200-210 and 300-400 i have got a computer above recomemdation for the game and a high speed cable connection. I did connect to 2 servers earlier on in the day and they worked but then 1 disconnected the whole game and one i had to go, but ever sinse the admins keep kicking me off. I can't work out why, most of the server pings are 300-400 or higher so why am i being kicked off. I'm not too happy, i got the 1.4 version update with the game when i bought, so whats happening.
  2. What is the game?

  3. N3051M

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    yeh.. what game are we talking about here?

    -try turning off all other bandwidth draining resources like torrents, downloads, streaming etc. check firewall..
    -connect to a server thats physical location is closer to you
    -check to see if there's an update for games and drivers, windows etc..
    -check to see your connection on your end is ok to start with...
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    200-400 ping is pretty high, especially if we're talking about FPSs. The high-ping ones could be legitimate, depending on the game. If you have a cheap router that'll do it; connect your computer directly to the modem if you can.
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    It is direct to modem, i did actually play last night and the servers i tried worked fine even one that required a real low ping like 35 accepted me, so i can't figure it out, its like the ping is all over the place, one question though, if the ping for the server is way above 500 then why when i am below that ping do i get kicked off. Because when i chech the ping for the server most are above 500, one was even at over 1000. this problem doesen't happen with armed assault. If i have to change the ping myself how do i do it and i need a verry basic understanding, i can play games but no good at computer stuff.
  6. Envergure

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    You can't change your ping yourself. There are things you can do to reduce it, though. Not downloading things and not running streaming media are some obvious ones.

    Here's what I think is the problem:
    The problem with cable internet is that your bandwidth is shared with all the other customers that use your channel (that is, everyone in your neighborhood with cable internet). This involves a complicated network of (probably cheap) routers that can slow down our connection a lot. I used to have my computer connected directly to the modem, but now I have a (cheap) router. When I added the router my typical ping jumped from around 30 to more than 200! Now imagine two or three of those between you and the internet and you can see where the problem is coming from. I suggest either switching to a DSL connection, or playing more SP games.

    I hope that helped.
  7. verguit

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    B2 is the only game that it happens with. But i had some games today and i wasn't booted off. some that i know that use DSL tell me they get probs, but if i'm below what the servers are then i shoulden't have the prob. Maybe the hosts have some probs. But if i can connect to say 2 out of 5, i don't know cable or Broadband shoulden't matter. I don't use a router last time i did i was running at dial up speed. this runs at around 250kb i could go higher but costs. I did want 1500 but too pricy for now. on armed assault even at 400-500 i can still play, so it could be even the B2 internet provider.
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