im feeling sick... i think i fried my comp

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Mar 24, 2005
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  1. ok well this is how it goes... i was installing an audigy 2 sound card into my computer at around 12 last night and i got careless for my comp (i was working on it for the past 6 hours just to get it digital i/o to communicate correctly with the new klipcsh 5.1 that i set up.) and i didnt hold on to the case while i was installing it. i dont remeber shocking it but i turned on the comp and it was running for about 15 min while i was intsalling the drivers... at 95% the comp just turned off and the fans started to make a funny noise (i think it was the fans neways). i tried to turn it on again but it did it stayed on for about 3 seconds then turned off again and has never turned on since.

    i opened the case to see what was wrong... could see anything wrong but the area around the CPU and the power supply smelt like an burnt (electrical i think). the CPU was also very very hot (could have burned u if u touched it for more then 2 seconds). eventually the CPU cooled down and i repluged the system back in and tried to turn it on... nothing happend but the power supply still kept its burn scent.

    i can only think for three things that could be wrong... either the mobo, CPU, or the power supply has been fried. im praying that the power supply was the only thing that went down and that it didnt take anything with it.

    no fans
    no lights
    no noise
    burn smell from power source
    hot CPU

    i dont think u could imagine how happy it would make me for someone to help we out with this problem. me being a 16 year old that saved up for almost 2 years to buy this comp. it means a lot to me.

    o yeah... srry if this is the wrong place to put this post i would greatly appreciate it if someone would give me a link to where this post should go.
  2. Phantasm66

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    that sounds like the motor on your fan gave out, or got blocked by another wire or cable in the case, and stopped turning. Or your PSU burned out. If its the latter, the chances are that everything is OK.

    Try a new PSU in there, before you decide that anything is broken. Mind you, that hot CPU is not a good sign, but they get pretty hot to touch anyway even when nothing is wrong. I would avoid jumping to any immediate conclusions, but it does seem likely that something is fried.
  3. swker98

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    hi, and wellcome to techspot

    from what you told us, i think the PSU (powersupply) is dead, please post specs so we can help dignose the problem better. how many watt powersupply is it.
  4. MarioBros.Mario

    MarioBros.Mario TS Rookie Topic Starter

    system specs=
    cpu- AMD 64 3400+
    MoBo- K8NS Pro
    RAM- kingston 2x 512 (1gb)
    Case- Raid max cobra searies
    PSU- i think its a 400 or 420w came with the case
    sound- audigy 2- use to be a sound blaster Live (both value)
    video- XFX GeForce 6600 GT

    its such an awsome machine... i hate to just watch it sit there. and im worried sick about it too puke:
  5. swker98

    swker98 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,077

    ikthe problem is that powersupply tha came with ur case is poribibl crap, its cheep, so try a new PSU, its probibly the problem, spen $40+ dollers on a psu, it will be worth it
  6. MarioBros.Mario

    MarioBros.Mario TS Rookie Topic Starter

    if the PSU is the problem then do u know of any good psu's that i should buy?
  7. nein

    nein Banned Posts: 109

    Don't go off buying a PSU just yet. By the problems described so far... it's not the PSU. All new PSUs will shut down if not getting POWER_OK feed back from the mobo.

    Do not, I repeat do not force power-on when the power supply is shutting itself off due to mal-functions which it is supposed to shut off for safety and protection reasons.

    Locate and remove the mal-function first before turning back on. You can force power-on in ignorance only so many times before the rest of your hardware will also die if not already dead.
  8. MarioBros.Mario

    MarioBros.Mario TS Rookie Topic Starter

    though its likely that ur correct nein... one of my friends has revieled to me that one of the kids on the block has had a problem similar to mine... apparently he had also bought a case made my Rade Max and his PSU crashed on him too. he hasnt had any problems with his computer since he got his new PSU (its been almost a year since).

    not only that but it has also been pointed out that one of my other friends has suffered from the same problem and has fixed it with a new PSU also. it seems to me that Rade Max is selling cases with chepo PSU's in them. im going to go to the store tomorrow and get a new PSU anyways... it isnt the PSU that fried then i figured that it would only be a matter of time before it fails on me anyways... ill keep u all posted on what happenes.

    thanks for the help so far
  9. patio

    patio TS Guru Posts: 482

    Take some measurements of the PS before you head out tomorrow.
    Length width and height should do.
    Don't buy another cheapo.

    patio. :cool:
  10. MarioBros.Mario

    MarioBros.Mario TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i just had my friend over today with his PSU... we hooked it up and all and it still didnt work. aparently its not the PSU. it looks like im ganna have to wait till my other friend comes back down from his vacation b4 i can find out whats wrong.
    im hoping that its something to do with the bois on the MB. ive only had the computer for 2 months now and i think most of the parts still have warrenties on them. since i cant find any explenation as to why the MB doesnt work i think i can still give it back to the manufacturer.
    if its the cpu then i think im screwed.
  11. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,960   +218

    Have you tried removing everything that is not necessary for the computer to POST, like the Audigy2 and harddrives, optical drives floppy drives etc?

    Have you tried to spin the CPU fan while it is off and see if it moves freely? Perhaps your mobo requires the fan to be spinning for safety reasons and it was the CPU fan that stopped spinning and burned out? (The CPU would in this case be fine because it will just throttle down it's speed to accomodate for the loss of cooling)

    When you tried with that other PSU, did the fans and light come on for about 0,5 seconds or not at all? If it is the first that PSU was not powerful enough to run your system (and thus shut off to prevent overloading)
  12. MarioBros.Mario

    MarioBros.Mario TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have not removed anything from the computer when i tried to turn it on again. but...

    when i installed the other PSU absolutly nothing happened for the slightest secong, except for this little beep that the new PSU made because we turned on the PSU via the switch on the back of it.

    though lucky for me i had a conversation with this guy that comes over and fixes everthing on my parents computer (the programing) told me about this place near by where they fix the physical problems on a computer the best they can... he told me they fixed something on his mother board or something like that... im pritty sure that they would be able to find out whats wrong if not fix it. ill tell u guys what happens if anything does on.

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