I'm having computer trouble

By ABrown
Apr 7, 2007
  1. Ok here is what has been going on with my computer. First I started getting Blue screens about every 3 minutes and I had to reboot. So i went into the bios and looked to see if there was anything strange and I couldn't find anything, my friend told me to flash the bios to see if that would fix it. Then i started getting some error saying there was a problem with a windows system file and that I needed to restart. I did and then got stuck in a "boot loop" where it kept booting up to a screen asking me if i wanted to start normally, boot in safe mode, go to last known configuration, etc and no matter what i chose it would boot up to the same screen. So then I looked around online and it told me to try repairing windows using the xp disk, so I popped it in, booted from disk went through all the stuff to do a repair (not the command prompt one, the one where it just reinstalls windows and leaves all your files alone) and it gets to 100% and then i get a blue screen with a 0x00000050 error. I popped my hard drive into another computer and I was able to access all my files, but I could not access stuff under documents and settings for my account. I think it is because it is password protected. So I need help with either figuring out how to fix windows so i can boot up my hard drive or I need to know how to be able to access my user account on a different computer so i can just transfer all the files over to a different computer and try reformatting the hard drive that isnt working. Any help is much appreciated.

  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    First question : How to fix Windows

    That Stop error can be caused by faulty memory or errors on the disk.

    a)Boot into the Recovery Console and run Chkdisk - Chkdsk /r See HERE

    b)Try using each memory stick on it`s own,or swap out the memory.

    Second question : How to access files.

    Take ownership of the folder and the files.SeeHERE

    I suggest you try the second answer first :)
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