Im Having Truble With Ma Gigabeat F10

Apr 8, 2007
  1. Im Having Truble With My Gigabeat F10.i Stoped Using It For A Week And Now I Cant Turn It On , When I Plug It In The Computer It Doesn't Show Up As A Connection And When I Plug It In To Charge It It Does Turn On After Or During Im Charging
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    Sorry I got a bit confused with your post, you said " When I Plug It In To Charge It It Does Turn On After Or During Im Charging"

    Does this mean the unit does work but it doesnt work with your PC, if so its possible your suffering the same thing countless people do with USB devices, that is windows suddenly doesnt see them any more, there is a cure it may work it may not, follow this

    Logon with an account with administrator rights

    Right click my computer on the desktop > Properties > Hardware >Device Manager.
    if your using XP default then it wont be there, in which case click
    Start > settings >control panel > System >Hardware > Device manager.

    Once in device manager scroll down to the Bit at the bottom where it says Universal serial bus.. Now click the + sign and you should get a list drop down, now right click each item and choose uninstall, do that for everything until there is nothing in Device Manager for USB.

    Now reboot, make sure there is nothing plugged into the USB sockets.

    Windows will reinstall the USB drivers, now plug in the device and see if it works.

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