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Aug 30, 2004
  1. Hey I'm new, and one basic reason why I just joined is well.. I REALLY need some help or some opinions/feedback...anything useful. What about you ask? Well i'm just really annoyed how I just invested in a 1000 dollar system that I thought would blow most pc's away. It has been going slower and slower it seems like every time i run something. Let me give you guys the specs here.
    An AMD 64 3200+ processor, k8n-e Deluxe motherboard, a 80gb 7200 rpm seagate hd, a ATI Radeon 256mb 9800 Pro, and right now only one stick of 512 hyper x kingston 3200+ is in there. I had actually just bought another stick same thing but different speed of 4000+. I am currently havig trouble getting both to work at the same time. It is being picky and doesn't like having both at once but both work individually. My pc runs like crap. I have updated all the newest drivers, including my video drivers and bios.(i'm almost positive I installed bios drivers correctly). Let me just tell u some frame rates I get with my system with some games. I get an avg of 19.2 (SOMETIMES EVEN LESS) frames per second on doom3. When I first ran it it ran at like 30-45 fps. A few days later it had slowed down significantly. My screen saver, used to run at 40-50 fps at everything MAXED out open gl and direct 3d settings all maxed out. Now it runs at 10-20 fps. WHAT'S GOING ON? HOW DO I FIX THIS? Does the windows xp 64-bit edition supposed to help problems such as these? Any clues? Any links could help thanks(sorry for the long introduction)
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    Hi. Sorry I don't currently have an answer for you, but I thought I would still say hello. Hopefully someone else will know.
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    I full gig of matched ram will certainly help. I wouldn't try using both the 3200 and 4000. IMHO you're asking for trouble.

    As far as the slowdown, as it's been fairly recent I'd have to ask if you keep a clean machine.....if on the internet a lot, do you use Ad-Aware and Spybod S&D to keep the bugs out. What type of virus scanner do you use? Some brands have been known to slow things down (like some of the earlier McAfee engines).

    Just a few ideas to get it rolling.....and Welcome. We hope you enjoy your time here.

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    bleh if that's the case hopefully i can return that 200 dollar piece of equipment back t.t My friends (I'm always dumb enough to believe them) said it shouldn't be a problem mixing speeds. BTW is there anyway I can declock my higher memory stick to match my slower 3200+ ? Would that help? Cuz i mean when i have both in my monitor wont display anything, but the pc will boot up. And as far as the latter ideas, I do use ad-aware and spybot the latest version i run them every day as well as doing a defrag. I keep my machine pretty organized and clean. I DID at first have the panda virus protection installed, but then I didn't really like how it worked so i uninstalled so at the moment no virus protection (which i guess maybe could be a possible implication there's a virus slowing my computer down?) Altho no strange activity besides the slowing down of performance. And I'm unfamiliar with tweaking with the voltage and clock speeds and all that for cpu, memory, fsb and all that. Think tweaking with any of the aforementioned could help performance?
  5. Masque

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    That's hard to say....you can search the forums...there's all the information you need here (but just where, I'm not sure).

    I'd think very hard on getting a good virus scanner. There's plenty out there though people have different ideas on which is best.

    I stick by my previous remarks on the memory and highly doubt you'd make the two work together....though somebody here could potentially either back me up or think differently.
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    slow pc

    First of all let me say hello and welcome to Techspot I think you`ll find this is the most usful site for solving problems. Now as for your system slowdown might I suggest you do the following clean up routine. 1st Right click internet explorer click on delete cookies and confirm{Next time you visit Techspot you`ll have to log in cause the site cookie wont be there} also click on remove files check the delete offline content and confirm. 2nd click on start/run/ and type msconfig when it opens click on the services tab tick the box which says hide all microsoft services what you will see is a list of programmes that are running I.E you`ll probably see things such as your graphics card driver your antivirus ect but there may also be things running that you don`t want or need. If you have loads of things running in the background this can seriously slow down your system. Once you have finished unticking the things you don`t want click apply ok you`ll have to reboot in order for any changes to take effect. After you reboot you`ll be presented with a dialog box confirming that you have made changes in msconfig tick the box which says don`t show this message or run msconfig on startup. 3rd run the disk cleanup utility click start programmes accessories system tools disk cleanup tick all the boxes in disk clean up and then ok.
  7. howard_hopkinso

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    4th Run a complete defrag. 5th If you`ve not already got it download Adaware you can get this from WWW.lavasoft.com make sure that Adaware is full updated then run the full system scan also run the vx2 plugin you can also get this from the above site. delete anything it finds including the quantined files. 6th Get hold of a good registry cleaner I`d recomend Clean My Pc Reg Cleaner it`s got a very friendly interface and also has a really good start up organiser that you can edit. I`m not saying any of this will solve your problem but it`s not a bad starting point at least you`ll have a clean system. If I`ve forgotten to tell you anything I`m sure someone else will let you know. Regards Howard:grinthumb
  8. Only1Fate

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    actually I do all the above cept for the registry cleaner but thx anyways. But I did find out something that may be what's holding my processing power back. I noticed when I look at the advanced tab in display settings i go into my ATI settings and click on smartgart and my agp speeds are always off and my write speed is off. I try turning both on and restart and every time i boot back it resets. And yes my agp setting is on in my bios it's enabled. It's set at 1.5v and I know my motherboard supports up to 8x it even says in the manual. So I dont know what's going on, cept for the fact that my asus bios cd does not have any agp drivers. And I cannot find agp drivers for my motherboard for some reason so I'm thinking that's why it wont let me keep it to 8x. Any suggestions guys?
  9. Only1Fate

    Only1Fate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also when i go to device manager I clicked on my display adapter and right clicked on my 9800 radeon pro, and it says Location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0. What is odd about this is that it says PCI and not AGP. And it is obviously in an agp slot since my card couldn't fit in a PCI slot even if I wanted it to. What's going on?
  10. FeTaLDaMagE

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    I had similar issue ....... This is what I found to be wrong with mine. Sounds close to your problem. In bios AGP Divider/PCI Divider
    Options: Various ratios
    This takes the FSB and chops it up to make the AGP clock. Normally, you would want the AGP clock to be 66MHz, so divide the FSB accordingly. On <800MHz Celerons (66MHz FSB), you should have this at 1/1. On 100MHz FSB CPUs like Durons, some Athlons, and some P3s, it needs to be 2/3. Athlon XPs, some Athlons, and other P3s use a 133MHz FSB, so you should set it to 1/2. Newer Pentium 4s use a 133MHz FSB while older ones ran on a quad-pumped 100MHz FSB.
    In bios it has to be set to pci video in oder to read agp. Otherwise if set to agp it uses the pci/agp bus divider. Hope this helps.
  11. Only1Fate

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    Ya cuz i just had a 3dmark done and i got a score of 3656 somethings definitely amiss. That's so sad it's pathetic =(
  12. Only1Fate

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    I try going into my bios to do some changes and every time i try something it restarts and then in my amibios it says cmos checksum bad. I try uninstalling all my bios drivers and reinstalling and flashing it and i restart and it says checksum bad wtf man. I did a directx diagnostics the agp setting wasn't even available it was all grayed out couldn't enable/disable my motherboard acts like i dont have an agp slot. WTF is wrong?
  13. FeTaLDaMagE

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    What bois version,"award version?" and series number you runing on it?
  14. ---agissi---

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    A64's are very picky on their ram.

    On my friends A64 mobo, if you have 2 sticks of ram you cant put them in slots 1&2. They need to be in slots 1&3 for some reason, or else it wont work.

    And I got him some OCZ Platnium, and that didnt work, only Kingston Value does
  15. $oulo

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    Well I have the same exact motherboard cept I have a 3400+ processor. But checksum I dunno man you may have flashed the bios wrong or something? Have you called Asus they are usually good at trouble shooting thier motherboards. I had a slowdown problem but it was my actual windows something happened and didn't know what? =\ but after a format it ran perfect ;) I would try and call the Asus number in the manual buddy and see if they can help you out. I know you said you reflashed the bios and all but I dunno? Wierd.

    Have you ran an antivirus scan? And these FPS are you getting them online when playing or not? I know this can be very frustrating friend I was extremely pissed off as well when I put it together and didn't run right. but it's just a matter of finding out wth and then it's all good.

    Someone on here referred me to F-Secure as an AntiVirus and all it's articles and test's it showed 99.65% and was #1 as oppose to the Norton I was using which was #10 on the list. If you get F-secure here's a secret I found out on accident. D/L the trial first and then next day they send you an e-mail stating if you buy the program within 48hrs you get a 20% discount! :grinthumb

    AGP problem is something I never encountered. Make sure in your bios that it's set to AGP and all the settings are correct. and be sure to hit F10 to save it and then ok. I would seriously try calling Asus the number is the manual with the Mobo in back of it. Let me know if it helps.

    Also when you do get this problem fixed you can use ATiTOOL to automatically OC your card ;) It does all the work for you but that's later.
    Call Asus is what I suggest. your problem is very strange.
  16. Only1Fate

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    Well, i tried uninstalling my bios and reauto-updating it and flashing it then restarting. The version should be 1004. Also when I get my fps it is not online. This is with hardly anything running cept maybe fraps. I've disabled all those useless windows applications, and I'm actually starting to think maybe one of the windows service packs made things act funny or something? I think I just need to do a fresh install and retry everything again and see how things run then. But obviously with no agp, I'm not going to get great results for games and such. The problem is why is it not detecting it? I am trying to come up with more ideas/answers. Hopefully soon I can figure this out. U guys are helping some just to let u know so thx alot guys any other ideas are greatly appreciated.
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